How to make money on DACH traffic arbitrage in 2021

How to make money on paid traffic arbitrage from Austria, Switzerland and Germany, the so-called DACH region, will be discussed in this review.

I hope all of you are in good health and you have enough strength and desire to earn during the coronavirus. And I will help you in this deal.

Prices at traffic brokers for such visitors are very high, only Scandinavia is higher in Europe. And since the solvency of the inhabitants of these countries is very high, it is worthwhile to understand where exactly it is possible to pour traffic in traffic arbitrage in 2021-2022.


Historically and geographically, several territories have been formed in the world, united by one or another sign.

Here they are. Maybe I forgot some of them, please correct me in the comments.

DACH – Austria, Germany, Switzerland – how to monetize DACH traffic: read below.

ASEAN – Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines.

MENA – Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia.

LATAM – Latin America and the Caribbean.

TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 3 – conditional division of countries created specifically for money making in the Net. The main criterion is the solvency of the population.


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Good old Germany, which has changed its demographic profile so much in recent years with the influx of migrants. However, this did not affect the solvency of the Germans: their tastes remained the same, only the preferences of generations differ.

Swinging and medical fetishes still excite the minds of older burghers, so they are willing to pay for registration on dating sites with narrow niches. First of all – on dating sites for gays.

Look at this offer for desktop and mobile traffic at:

And also C-Date for all three geos from the region of our review from the same CPA network.

To monetize entertainment sites, mainstream creatives for adult dating may be suitable.

The most important thing for the old generation is safety and stability, as in the “good old days”. But at the same time, almost all polls suffer from obesity, and men also have problems with potency and prostatitis.

Young people advocate a healthy lifestyle and it’s unlikely that they will buy something unnecessary from the “goods by mail”. Unless this “something” hooks. For example, a drone is unlikely to leave any “boy” 30 years old indifferent …

In which CPA networks you should look offers to make money on traffic from Germany:

Take a note of the pharma affiliate program that gives discount coupons. For thrifty Germans – that’s what it takes. This is an online pharmacy with drugs for all types of diseases, including Generic Kaletra (Lopinavir, Ritonavir) drugs used to treat coronaviruses.

If you are preparing promotional materials by yourself, then remember that the Germans love accuracy and value their time. Therefore – only in essence, briefly and succinctly.


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Here everything is the most expensive in Europe, as in Austria and Luxembourg. This is also good from the point of view of the availability of money among the population, the vast majority of which speak German, one fifth speak French, and a very few people speak Italian and Romansh.

Moreover, all of them, as befits advanced Europeans, communicate perfectly in English. But in creatives it is better to use the native language of the majority, as it increases the likelihood of trust and, as a result, conversion.

Since most residents have a German mentality, they likewise value their time and prefer to save where possible. But they will really buy the right and high-quality.

Therefore, it is possible and necessary to knock on their wallets through pictures familiar to them in everyday life. In this case, it’s Swiss mountains and chocolate.

They are interested in the convenience of delivery, time saving and the ability to purchase at the optimal ratio of price and quality. Prefer to buy goods whose history can be traced.

At the same time, the Swiss can be hooked with any exotic, most often Asian. Something really unusual. Such offers from affiliate programs can often be found among sweepstakes.

A few more options from the affiliate program

And also – from:


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Austria can argue with a neighbor for the cost of everything that can be bought in the country.

Emotional actions. Gambling, sports betting, adts, dating with frank girls in advertising – all this can help catch an audience and make money on the Internet.

Of all the other delivery models, they prefer with payment on delivery (COD – cash on delivery). On the topics of the offers: means for losing weight, as well as for arthrosis, prostatitis and other things that can happen to people older than 50 years. All this is presented in this CPA network.

For all three countries of the DACH region, I also advise you to take advantage of offers and start your affiliate campaign from direct advertiser on CPA and Revshare dating.

Also look at Dating Smartlinks:

Gambling is the SUPER BEST vertical to make money on DACH traffic. I recommend you to make money on DACH gambling traffic with:

I wish you make money on DACH traffic with a good profit. Be healthy and rich.

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