How to make money online with Twitter notes in 2022

Have you heard the news? Twitter is launching a new way to create content – Notes!

What are Twitter Notes? Notes is a tool that allows you to create longreads.

New features for Twitter users who are used to short messages – containing no more than 280 characters – will allow them to:

  • Create richly formatted articles;
  • Upload media;
  • Share messages on Twitter and Facebook.
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Twitter’s update allows users to create notes with a 100-character title and up to 2, 500 words of text. Users will be able to insert photos, videos, GIFs and tweets into their Notes. Each note has its own link and can be tweeted, retweeted, sent in private messages, liked and bookmarked as a tweet.

How can the emergence of Twitter Notes be useful for publishers and advertisers?


Monetizing traffic from Twitter is now gaining in popularity and momentum. Realizing how profitable it is, more and more publishers are beginning to take advantage of the opportunity to monetize it.

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Advertisers can now reach 465.1 million Twitter users, making it the 14th most “active” social network in the world.

Twitter’s latest investor report shows that as of April 2022, the company had 229 million daily monetizable active users worldwide.

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Among other things, Twitter allows you to monetize video broadcasts as well.

In addition, you can get traffic from Twitter with Push notifications. How? Push subscriptions are a popular form of monetization through Twitter. Yes, Twitter users visit your site, read your content, subscribe to push notifications and return to your site regularly.


To run ads with Evadav and make your big money online with Twitter Notes on paid traffic arbitrage, select the format, type and pricing model for push notifications in your Evadav profile.

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Also, set up targeting, add creatives, and set budgets and limits. If you have any questions about setting up your ads, contact your manager 24/7.

If you are an advertiser, you can buy traffic to promote your Twitter account and get more followers.

You can use Twitter as an end-to-end page by publishing a link to your advertising page in a post or note on Twitter.

Where you can buy traffic with push notifications, adult and mainstream both.

VIMMY – adult and mainstream

PUSH HOUSE – adult and mainstream


HILLTOPADS – adult and mainstream

MONDIAD – adult and mainstream. 10% bonus for the 1-st deposit from $100 with the code KPNOV10

Not many platforms allow for 18+ adult content.

On Twitter, however, it’s possible! You can promote subscriptions, adult products, and even add creativity to posts.

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