How to make money with pharmacy affiliate programs in 2022

The list of the best pharmacy affiliate programs 2022 was supplemented by the new solution PharmCenterXL for making money online on one of the longest-playing and most stable topics.

Welcome to the world of PharmCenterXL and a fresh review of the affiliate program on my website.

Lately I’ve been missing “time”: the day has become shrinking, and I want to have time to do everything as much as possible. Although, when I go to the mountains in the early morning, the day seems endless – as if a week passes.

And the experience itself is lost in the immeasurable Silence that arises within when you are on your own. Does this sound familiar to you?


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The U.S. and Canada are at the peak of demand for pharmaceutical products for obvious reasons. No one wants to eliminate obviously unhealthy fast food or by-products from their diet. And it’s hard to get anyone to exercise if they don’t want to.

And they buy handfuls of drugs for stress, sleep disorders, women’s and men’s health.

That’s why there have been successful pharmacy affiliate programs 2022 on the market for years, among which customers can choose a set of products in the areas they need. Each of these solutions has its own suppliers, background, and logistics.

So you also have a list of options from which you choose each time. Some you stop at once and successfully make money on, and sometimes you have to look for other CPA networks or a direct advertiser.

A stable niche with invariably high competition. Dorways and all kinds of ways to promote pharmacy sites – this is what has ruled and still does.

When it comes to arbitrating paid traffic, Facebook worked great through cloaking. Someone successfully leaked from the “member zone” on their adult sites and tubes.


affiliate program

In this case the review concerns pharmacy affiliate program 2022 PharmCenterXL with a relatively small set of items, but with delivery all over the world.

Countries where there is no delivery at the time of the review:

– Argentina,

– Brazil,

– Chile,

– CIS countries.

– Indonesia,

– Israel,

– Mexico,

– New Zealand,

– Norway,

– Pakistan,

– Palestine,

– Peru,

– Saudi Arabia,

– South Africa,

– Sweden,

– Thailand,

– Turkey,

– United Arab Emirates,

The rate from the start for all webmasters – 40%.

It is possible to raise it to 50%.

What competitors offer in terms of rates:

PHARMCASH – – 40% and 50%, respectively. Worldwide shipping.

UNION PHARM – 40% – only Europe traffic.


There is only one shop at the moment. The one shown in the screenshot below.

affiliate programs

Product categories available to customers.

affiliate programs

Languages Supported: English.

A few examples of products.

affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Their price formation is standard: depending on the volume. If you buy more, you pay less.

affiliate programs

There are two delivery options for customers with different costs:

– Standard – 10 to 18 business days;

– Express with tracking – 7 to 12 business days.

Some items are shipped directly from warehouses in Europe.

affiliate programs

Payment options for purchases – via bank cards, as well as through the largest cryptocurrency service.

If you are not already registered there, I advise you to do it at this link.

In this case, the benefit will be 22% of the payment amount. It is also listed in the menu of the site to attract attention and as a tool of the “funnel” of sales.


Post Affiliate Pro is the backbone of the pharma affiliate platform. It has been familiar for a long time, but it’s not very user-friendly in terms of tools and navigation. At least in my opinion. Although if it works and pays, who cares, right?)

PharmCenterXL has been in the industry for 6 years…

There is a script to install the shop on your domain.

affiliate programs

Conditions of earnings in the affiliate program for webmasters:

Rates – 40-50%.

Cookies – Lifetime.

The average check – $180.

Refunds and chargebacks are on the house.

Frequency of payments – once in 7 days.

Payment systems – Bitcoin, Tether USDT TRC20.

Minimum – $200.

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