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Payday loans Affiliate program is probably the most tempting to cooperate, if we talk about financial one. Pay per Lead offers presume you’ll get some reward for potential customers you deliver to advertisers. There are many spheres where you can make good money on this basis.

One new affiliate program is called Leadnetwork. It is targeted on the US traffic, which promises the biggest possible payouts.

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You probably know that it’s not easy to work with tier 1 countries, especially with the US. But on the other hand, US citizens are OK to take loans for various purposes. Low rates and long maturity period make it normal for them to live in such way.

For affiliates it means up to $230 for a single lead in Leadnetwork! This makes it a decent contender for ZEROPARALLEL.

How to work with Payday loans Affiliate program?

Pay per Lead principal is general for the whole Affiliate Marketing sphere. You deliver potential customers and receive your reward in turn. Its amount depends on the fact how valuable this lead is. Working with Payday loans Affiliate program you’ll be able to get from $20 to $230.

affiliate program

There are many ways you can hook the visitors to make them convert in the end, but here native ads, banners and PPC search feeds work best.

Payday loans Affiliate program Leadnetwork tools

Leadnetwork affiliate program offers you the best possible cooperating conditions and $230 maximum PPL level is a proof. It’s also important that there is no offer reselling here.

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One more thing that will make your profits incredibly high is lifetime rebills. It means you’ll get money every time your lead takes another loan.

Leadnetwork cooperates with more than 300 creditors, which makes it easier to “make the lead work”. You even can deliver offline traffic here! That’s why you should definitely work with Payday loans Affiliate program.

What else you’ll get here? First, there are tons of available offers. Second, you can use such tools as JS forms, adaptive landing pages and site templates. There is also XML posting tool available. At last, you get access to online statistics.

affiliate program

As for minimal payouts, they are equal to $100, if you use Webmoney, wire transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin.

Working with Payday loans Affiliate program you can receive your reward once a week.

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