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Welcome to my webmasters blog, which is also a directory of Affiliate programs and CPA Networks with numerous reviews!

I really hope that the information that I constantly share with you on site monetization and traffic arbitrage and other moneymaking areas is useful to you.

I am constantly correcting and updating the data that you can rely on in your earnings.

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Known as Kuprum in the Net.

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I publish paid reviews of affiliate programs and various services.

You can host guest posts for a fee.

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You get targeted traffic if webmasters are interested in your product or affiliate program.

Placement period – FOREVER.

The average daily traffic is about 120-150 uniques. Sometimes up to 200-250. Only targeted auditory from the SERP, forums and constant subscribers.

Your text is need to be 350-400+ words. The more – the better for its ranking in the search.

Uniqueness – 85%. Without redundant keywords. I correct your text if it will be needed.

Plus screenshots and pictures that you want to post.

The advertise conditions:

For Paid Reviews – Financial energy exchange – $100

I can accept money to

• Tether (TRC20 – without commission),

• Tether (ERC20 – plus your commission for transaction to withdraw),

• Ethereum (plus your commission for transaction to withdraw ),

• Bitcoin (plus your commission for transaction to withdraw ),

• Litecoin (plus your commission for transaction to withdraw ),

• BitcoinCash (plus your commission for transaction to withdraw ),

• Capitalist (plus 4% from payment),

NOTE I don’t provide invoices to companies. You yourself find a way to send money. If you want, of course )

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• $25 – 1 month.

• $50 – 2 months

• $70 – 3 months

• $90 – 4 months

• $100 – 5 months

• $120 – 6 months.

• $200 – 1 year.

• $1000 – forever.

affiliate programs

Forever – at the top of the entire catalog – $1000.

Placed according to the “tickets” ALREADY bought in advance)

If the places are occupied, then I put links to the bottom place from this list “UP OF THE CATALOG”. When space is freed, the lines are shifted up.

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