How to increase income from adult webcam affiliate programs in 2022

You want your online income to match your time, effort, and finances, don’t you? So, here you can read about some ways to increase earnings from adult webcam affiliate programs 2022 in the adult niche: a psychological breakdown that will help you understand a little more.

Take it as useful information over a cup of tea: simple words and reasoning on the mentioned topic about earnings on adult traffic and affiliate programs, which was inspired by a post on GFY.  


If you are going to do an adult 18+ resource, there are different opinions on this subject. On whether to make a narrowly themed site or collect all categories. In the first case, the conversion will be much higher on paid sites, but for a long time, purchases are less and less.

And only really works something unique like 4K or extreme in BDSM.

  • BDSM Zone,
  • Sadism videos,
  • Taboo studios,
  • BDSM corp.

Here is the link to the coolest paid sites by the last mention:


They pay 2 times a month with a minimum amount of 100 bucks to Bitcoin, Webmoney and Wear.

affiliate program

The best strategy right now is to gather an audience of all possible interests, and then direct them – through banners or links in the menu – to Webcams.

In the niche of webcams provide them almost all. But it is easier and more convenient to take them here.


Works quickly and smoothly. Pays 2 times a month: Paxum, Wire, Bitcoin, Check, ACH, Ethereum, Tether USD TRC20 with a minimum of 100 bucks.

But this adult webcam affiliate program, which gives 25% Revshare right from the start, has not yet made itself a White-Label, but is very massively taking over the market. And it makes sense to make money on adult traffic there.

Here and the support is very fast and friendly, and payouts in cryptocurrency. True, the frequency of payments is once a month at the moment.


Payment systems – Paxum, Paypal, Wire, BTC, ETH, USTD BEP20, USDT TRC20.


Considering that single men (most of them) pay, it makes sense to direct them to places where they haven’t had a chance to register yet. And, most likely, these guys have already been around a lot, so such traffic for you will go to waste. This is why White Label affiliate sites are so popular, because they look unfamiliar to visitors.

There are a lot of single people (mostly men), and it’s usually not hard to figure out what they want. A large percentage of them want any kind of human companionship, another wants to just have fun.

affiliate program

A small percentage may doubt their sexuality and need companionship but don’t know where to turn, so they go down the rabbit hole of pornography, but what they all have in common is that they want to feel that they are worth something, that they matter to someone.

That is, they want it to be about them, and they try to see the webcam model as a potential “something” in their lives. And basically see if she is someone who will reignite something inside them. They fantasize…

One of the reasons that single camera girls are most successful is that they also seem lonely, and are always willing to just chat with guys. They take their own pictures and videos and are basically their own makeup artist, choreographer, photo and video editor… etc.

These guys have no competition and no one to be jealous of. And thanks to the constant tips, they feel as if they have gained power and have some right over the girl. After a while they find themselves attached to said girls.

They will always come back and spend more, because what you are selling is something they can’t get elsewhere, even if they are offered to pay more.

So try to choose among the ready-made promos at adult webcam affiliate programs 2022 and make one yourself that makes the girl look like the girl from next door. In that case, the efficiency of earning on adult traffic will be much higher.

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