Whitehat software affiliate program SoftBucks

Whitehat software affiliate program SoftBucks is the best one to make money from Adwords, file-sharing sites, doorways and mailing lists. A rare case, when one system provides such powerful functionality for solving a variety of money making tasks.

Because CPA Network offers products from the coolest software brands:

• Autodesk;
• Adobe;
• Microsoft…

affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program

These are the most demanded and most popular products that are actively bought all over the world. Both individuals and companies.


  • 40% from commission for all geos.
  • USA and UK – 35%.

No chargeback and refunds.

Meet Softbucks to your stormy applause…

How to make money with SoftBucks

They are ready to implement at your request any wishes that concern technical issues.

After you’ve registered in the whitehat software affiliate program SoftBucks, please knock on Telegram or Jabber. Here are the contacts of support. You’ll them once more after registration process.

Telegram: @doyouhavesame

Jabber: secured@xmpp.is

I already said above what traffic can you send here. For example, average conversion from Adwords is 1:20-50.

affiliate programs

And… Loud drum roll… Whitehat software affiliate program SoftBucks accepts HI-RISK traffic by individual agreement.

If you have “not quite standard” ways to attract the target audience and get traffic, knock on support.

Super arguments to earn with Softbucks

  • We accept absolutely any SEO and mail (target) traffic.
  • We provide free abus-resistant domains with SSL certificates.
  • We provide hosting for doorway and mail target traffic.
  • We provide external shops for installation on your hosting.
  • We provide a landing page generator for creating targeted stores with a selection of products.
  • We provide API on request for maximum free action.
  • We provide TOP products and a key database for an early start.
  • 8 modern, responsive templates optimized using PageSpeed Insights.
  • Shops in English, German, French and Spanish!
  • Most products are localized in 20+ languages! Convert traffic from around the world!
  • The inclusion of offers with an adjustable discount, the generation of individual coupons to enhance the envelope.
  • Constantly replenished product database, more than 1000 positions.
  • Own call center for quick processing of potential customers’ requests.
  • Fulfillment of any technical requests as soon as possible.

TOP geos to make money with software affiliate program

And this is the whole list of arguments that should be taken into attention when choosing Softbucks with domain parking and other wonder tools.

Top converting countries and Revshare percent from affiliate program commission.

• USA – 43.748386
• Australia – 9.901904
• Canada – 9.805198
• Great Britain – 8.041402
• Germany – 5.591487
• France – 2.005824
• Israel – 1.393202
• Switzerland – 1.320984
• New Zealand – 1.105312
• India – 1.025472
• Singapore – 0.978598
• South Africa – 0.902588
• Northern Ireland – 0.791349
• Spain – 0.778704
• Japan – 0.674217
• Belgium – 0.665941
• Italy – 0.642873
• Denmark – 0.623251
• Norway – 0.580774
• Thailand – 0.570003

Since this is a digital product, you have no problems with its delivery. All countries are accepted and can bring you a profit.

How to work with software affiliate program

You can start your affiliate campaigns with your own sites by using domain parking or with paid traffic arbitrage. Do you still remember about Adwords?

Ok, buddies. Here you dive into functionality of SoftBucks. In short, these options look like this (and below I will describe each of them in detail).

  1. System domain.
  2. Installing shops on your own domain with parking.
  3. Landings generator.

In total, the product list of Whitehat software affiliate program SoftBucks includes about 1000 items.

Maximum freedom of choice for the formation of either a small store for a couple of dozen positions on a certain topic, or a full-fledged online store. You can start make money with traffic arbitrage from Adwords or Facebook, doorways or search engines, e-mail sendings or something else that you know how.

What is better to send traffic can be seen through the TOP products by selecting the appropriate parameters for analysis. This information will help you a lot when creating landings through the generator tool.

The average check is $200.

For traffic arbitrage, it is better to choose CAD products, since with great demand they provide a good level of earnings in the Net.

Let’s look at software shops

Below you see the store as visitors see it. I took several screenshots of the most information-intensive parts of it, so that an understanding develops.

In this case, you choose by yourself the displayed style in the settings, which makes it possible to to uniqueize. If you work with a shop on your domain, then this will definitely come in handy.

Main languages are supported.

affiliate program

Customers can buy products using Visa and MasterCard bank cards, as well as through Bitcoin. The last option is the most profitable, as it also gives a 25% discount on payment.

affiliate program

The price of goods is indicated in euros and dollars, depending on the visitor’s IP.

Step-by-step algorithm to start in SoftBucks

Admin-panel consists of several points.

affiliate program

The first version of the work. Public shop.

You will need to go from the “Tools” to “Domains”. Using “Preferences”, you will have the opportunity to configure a shop on the system domain for your tasks.

affiliate program

In the “Layout name” choose a store style from the available ones.

affiliate program

The second option. Installing a shop on your domain.

affiliate program

To park a domain, contact support. Then it will be a standard option available in the control panel.

The third option. Landing Generator.

affiliate program

A very convenient tool that allows you to create a landing page with a small set (10-20 positions) of products on the selected niche.

affiliate program

There are all the necessary settings to select specific products.

Minimum payout amount – $100

Every 2 weeks.

Payment systems – Webmoney, Capitalist, Yoomoney, Bitcoin, Payoneer, USDT (TRC20, ERC20)

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