How to use Facebook on affiliate marketing?

How to use Facebook on affiliate marketing and what benefits does this social network deliver to marketers? We all know World’s largest source of traffic can also be the source of really high profit, the question is what are the best ways to use its potential.

There are a couple of things you have to know about building your campaign with FB. Using all the following tips you’ll be able to earn really good money here. So, let’s look a bit closer on Facebook Affiliate marketing to get to know how to reach your goal.

How to use Facebook on affiliate marketing: the importance of your content

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When you’re using FB to make money, it’s crucial to deliver quality content to your subscribers and other viewers. You won’t get much only by posting ads constantly. You have to motivate users to make a purchase by giving them a couple of good reasons do so. It’s the first tip for you how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing.

Talking about content, one of the best ways is to use a review format for it. People are more willing to buy things they understand, so it’s a great opportunity to increase your income with CPA Networks. You can do whether a review article or a video review. It all depends on your skills for creating content or the ability to purchase it. It’s also a good idea to mix the mentioned two formats.

You just post a video with a text description below. It’s a really wise approach to Facebook Affiliate marketing, cause not everyone turns on sound while watching such videos.

As for other visual content, images are also crucial for your sales. They have to look perfect and be engaging. You can even use photo editors a bit to make them look so. Also, try to deliver something unique to your visitors.

The last content type you can use in your posts is someone’s real-life experience with the product you promote. It’s probably the most efficient approach too Facebook Affiliate marketing in terms of content.

It puts together writing, images and videos to make something really engaging. When people see your product helped someone, they’ll expect it to help them to. It means your sales will grow significantly.

Using groups for Facebook Affiliate marketing

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Not only your own page may be useful for advertising. Another decent source of traffic is numerous groups. That’s one more tip how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing. The first possible approach here is to add links to your posts and comments. It sometimes might be risky and you can be removed from the group.

At the same time you can obtain a lot of quality traffic this way. Just make sure the rules allow you to post ad links. And don’t forget that you should also deliver some interesting info not only serve ads. If you’ll do so, people will be more willing to actually click on the link.

For the purposes of Facebook Affiliate marketing you can also search for new groups. Just think about things that your potential customers are interested in and search for all the topic-related groups.

This way you can not only a lot of new traffic, but users that are already interested in the things you promote. It’s a perfect chance to increase traffic quality and get more sales in the end.

There are groups, which don’t allow you to post content with ads. Though, it doesn’t mean you can’t get quality traffic arbitrage for Facebook Affiliate marketing there.

Just search for individual users who are interested in the things you promote and make them your subscribers. If you’ll do everything right, they might even help you with advertising by sharing your content with inbuilt ads in it.

Personal news feed as a tool for Facebook Affiliate marketing

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People are not often actually visiting each other pages in social networks. Usually, they just look through news feed to see something interesting. This info is a great key to how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing.

All you need is to post a piece of valuable content and insert a link in it. When users will look through the news feed, they’ll see it and click, in case they’re really interested.

The mentioned method has several approaches that can be used:

1. You can promote products directly. It means that the link will lead to the actual offer page. It means the flow is really short here. Though, it’s not always the best decision in terms of user engagement.

2. The next tip how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing is to use news feed ad links to promote your website. This is a way wider approach. It’ll allow you to get more traffic for all the products you’re advertising using the mentioned site. Still, the website should deliver valuable info to users so that it all work as it should.

3. Promote landing pages. This approach is probably the most effective in terms of engaging your viewers and it’s one more way how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing. As soon as they click, they’re directed to the highly-optimized landing page, which catches their attention just from the first second. If you did everything right, they’ll pass through the whole flow and end up purchasing the actual product on the offer page.

4. Use news feed to promote individual articles, reviews etc. This is a more specific approach. It’s aimed to engage the visitors who are interested in a certain product and to get shares on FB and in other social networks. Facebook Affiliate marketing will help you get a lot of new traffic in this case.

5. You personal news feed can be also used to promote a blog. Is idea is similar to promoting a website. However, blog is something more personal and it’ll definitely engage more organic traffic. It’s a perfect tool for advertising, cause the things that are paid for look natural.

6. Promote topic-related RSS feed. It’ll help you obtain subscribers that are interested in your content and a good many of products you’re advertising. This tip how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing won’t deliver tons of traffic, but the quality will be really high.

Facebook Affiliate marketing and “big fish” users

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Not only your own page can serve you as a marketing tool to gain traffic in order to send it to networks and make money on Affiliate Programs. There are some FB users that have a lot of subscribers cause they’re some niche celebrities, they deliver interesting content or they’re just interesting personalities. You can use it for your own purposes.

The first option how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing here is to promote the product directly to such users. This way you’ll get a good customer at least and there is a high possibility that this person will recommend your product to his/her subscribers.

The second option is to comment the influencer’s topic related posts and add links to your comments. Make sure the things you write really deliver some value. Still, even in this case don’t expect everyone to like what you’re doing for your Facebook Affiliate marketing purposes.

Use incentives for Facebook Affiliate marketing

There are several ways to motivate people click on your links. The first type of incentives is free content. Just give them something interesting, unique and engaging for free, and they’ll definitely go further to explore what products you’re offering.

It might be a book, an app, antivirus program etc. Just make sure it doesn’t cost you too much.

Incentives is a good example of how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing and make decent money on it. Other possible options are discounts, presents, the ability to win a prize etc.

Some other thing that might be useful for Facebook Affiliate marketing

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FB has a huge audience and you don’t need to target them all. Your goal is quality here, so you should be very specific. Go narrow, cause it still delivers a lot of traffic, but all the users you’ll get will be already engaged and the conversion rate will be very high.

This key to how to use Facebook on affiliate marketing is a way to get the maximum possible profit from your traffic.

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Another way to get a lot of conversions is to create an email list of potential customers. You can do this by showing ads that offer users to sign up with their email.

It’s a very efficient funnel, which is perfect for engaging viewers and making them convert. And you don’t really require a landing page in this case. Such approach to Facebook Affiliate marketing can deliver really high profit.

A short conclusion

FB is the biggest social network in the world and it’s more than wise to use it for marketing purposes. With its billions of users, numerous groups and promoting tools it’s a perfect source of traffic for making money online.

Follow all the mentioned tips and it will be much easier for you to engage users and to lead them through the conversion flow. This is everything you have to know about Facebook Affiliate marketing for now.

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