Pharmacy Affiliate Program OnlinePayMaster

Pharmacy Affiliate Program allows you to make money by promoting the appropriate products. In most cases you’ll receive payouts on the revenue share basis, which will deliver really high profits.

Among the most promising Pharmacy Affiliate Programs you’ll find OnlinePayMaster. It’s well-known in the Web as a highly credible and stable one, which is proven by feedbacks on many forums and in users’ blogs.

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So, why is it so lucrative to work with OnlinePayMaster? There is a couple of good reasons for that.

What does the OnlinePayMaster Pharmacy Affiliate Program offer you?

OnlinePayMaster and its Pharmacy Affiliate Program gives you various useful tools to work with. But first you have to join and wait until you’ll be approved.

After that you’ll get access to 5 online pharmacies with the multilingual interface and various available currencies. Here you’ll find all the popular for this sphere products.

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affiliate program
affiliate program

And also the CBD shop that you can use on your own domain or send traffic on the public one.

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Now let’s talk about the payout system. It’s based on progressive revenue share model.

OnlinePayMaster Pharmacy CPA Network offers you – the maximum rate from the start:

50% – from all sales

It’s also important that all refunds and chargebacks are compensated by Affiliate Program OnlinePayMaster, which is not a common practice in the market.

Back to the payouts, they might be different for so called “bonus pills”. This term stands for products that can be purchased for discount price.

How to work with OnlinePayMaster

When you’ve joined OnlinePayMaster Pharmacy Affiliate Program, it’s time to start your advertising campaign. First, select one of 5 available shops.

Then you have to choose whether to send traffic on one product or to the group of products. To work comfortably with the system, you can set the suitable language or use the automatic selection by GEOs.

OnlinePayMaster allows you to choose a single link or a special CSV or XML file with the whole product list.

The list of Affiliate Marketing advertising tools also includes the following:

1. Personal 15% discount coupons for your customers.

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2. More than 200 banners of various types.

affiliate program
affiliate program

3. 23 pre-made landing pages and a special website constructing tool.

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As for payouts, there is no minimal sum here. It’s up to you how much to withdraw. You can get money once a week on Wednesdays.

Use Webmoney, Epayments, Paxum, Capitalist or Bitcoin for it.


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