Why should you use Crowd Marketing in 2023?

Every year crowd marketing is prophesied to disappear. “The tool is ambiguous”, “common user deception under the guise of advertising”, “people don’t fall for it anymore”, “no one will click on your links”.

Arguments from the opponents of crowd marketing can be listed in dozens. But for some reason, small and medium-sized businesses continue to use it as a lead generation channel. And often as the main one.


The main purpose of crowd marketing, as the part of affiliate marketing, is to popularize the brand, to form a positive reputation and public opinion about it.

The main principle is maximum benefit for people and less advertising. The effectiveness of crowd marketing is directly related to the quality of the content published – naturally presented information that, among other things, brings targeted traffic.

Brand promotion with crowd marketing involves the use of natural links that push the target audience to the right product, under the guise of “live” advice.

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And in order to avoid the fact that placed links are not taken into account in the ranking and do not bring results at all, it is important to remember the main rules.

For the desired result must meet several important conditions:

  • Realistic technical task (you should take into account absolutely everything, from the location of target audience to the geography of promotion).
  • At the beginning of the crowd marketing should not have high requirements (to increase credibility, you should choose a few “clean” donors with a solid level of trust and place some natural links).
  • Placing links should be regular (it is important to constantly look for fresh discussions and catch infopods).
  • Links should be diverse.
  • Need to apply as much as possible type of site.
  • The account should be designed as fully and accurately as possible.
  • Text for links should be useful and informative (expert response).
  • It is necessary to choose a competent performer and suitable sites.

And SEO experts are showing a marked increase in interest in crowd marketing. You only need to check the number of successful link building cases and promotion of new products through recommendations.

So what is the secret? Why is crowd marketing still popular and holds strong positions, and some experts predict it will become almost one of the key marketing tools? Let’s look into it.


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Let’s briefly analyze what is crowd marketing. It is a tool for building a brand, a reputation, as well as attracting a target audience to a particular product by simply informing them about it with a list of benefits or features. And it is done under the guise of recommendations or reviews from real users.

Find a forum, thematic discussion or a branch of comments, and then leave a review in the guise of a real person, suggesting a specific solution.

  1. You can directly recommend a product by leaving a link to it in the text.
  1. You can not directly refer to the name, but just share your experiences, useful information, and links to primary sources.
  1. Or you can simply mention the product or the brand without any link – the user will be guided by your answer and will find the product on the Internet later.
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The technology is simple as hell. You find relevant sites where your target audience communicates: sites with reviews and reviews, groups on social networks, sites with ads, thematic forums with active discussion threads, and so on.

You create a user profile and communicate in the comments, posting useful information and detailed answers mentioning your product. A user who reads this can simply remember the information and become more brand loyal, or they can go directly from links or search engines to your site and potentially turn into a lead.


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There are several reasons. The most important one is that crowd marketing is a comprehensive marketing tool that encompasses both SEO and performance marketing.

It’s not silly spamming links around forums under the guise of “live” comments, but a working tool for lead-generation.

And here’s why:

1. Direct communication with your audience. You’re communicating with people one-on-one, so you can immediately work with objections, warm up and communicate key benefits. Open any survey of testimonials, and you see that the figure of confidence in them does not fall below 80% for years.

At the same time your answers and recommendations are not perceived as overt intrusive advertising, so here you can subtly bypass psychological factors with advertising blindness.

2. Direct website promotion. You communicate with a narrow target audience that is “on topic.” These people on thematic sites do not take information with skepticism, but really study all the answers and get acquainted with the proposed solutions for the brands.

As a result, direct clicks on crowd marketing links, site research and improved behavioral factors on the page with an increase in its position in the search engine.

 3. Increased loyalty. Ideally, crowd marketing brings in sales. People read the recommendation, click the link, study the product in detail and click the “buy” button. Even if it doesn’t work with a user, any mentions of your product still work to build audience loyalty to the brand.

The more people in reviews refer to a particular company’s product and say it’s “good,” the less likely they are to resist buying that product in the future. Pure brand marketing.

Statistics show that each link brings 7 new users to the site, and conversion into a sale occurs after 40+ placements of crowd marketing links.


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Now that we’ve understood the basic rules of good crowd marketing, let’s move on to dispelling myths.

Myth 1: Crowd marketing is spam that no one is interested in and that leads to pages that are not indexed.

In reality, crowd marketing is about helpful commentary, and the link takes on a secondary role here. Content is what is of primary importance. Experienced crowd marketers know how to present a link so that it generates interest and demonstrates usefulness, rather than looking like spam.

Myth 2: For regional businesses that develop within a single city, crowd marketing is not an option.

In reality, this technology of mass target audience attraction is suitable for regional businesses in several situations:

  • When promoting a business on large, proven sites that are tied to a specific location;
  • When delivering across the country.

Myth 3: There’s no friendship between crowd marketing and social media.

Links work on all social networks. The fact that they are not considered by search engines is true. However, links serve other very important functions: they create a positive tone around the brand and increase its popularity, as well as increasing referral traffic.

You can apply these social media strategies: distribute content, work on the information field of a brand that is a competitor, collect referral traffic, and test a minimum product.

Myth 4: Crowd marketing, like forums, is long dead.

Forums, like years ago, remain one of the most powerful communities on the web. Crowd marketing can be done on an SEO forum. Also suitable for this tool are Q&A resources and thematic articles.

Myth 5: A one-time placement package of 50 links will take the site to the top.

Crowd marketing will succeed in reaching the top of search results only if links and reviews are posted systematically and regularly. But it is best to combine this tool with other means of promotion – for example, with content marketing.

Myth 6: It’s very expensive to buy links in crowd marketing affiliate programs. It is much cheaper to resort to a freelancer.

It’s not uncommon to hear that crowd marketing affiliate programs offer overpriced links. But a tangible result requires money, and professionally completed work should be paid according to labor costs.

Competent specialists will perform a wide list of work – from highlighting the nuances of the business and selecting good sites to writing quality comments and promoting the account. A freelancer will take less, but he will not go to the heart of the matter, will do the work in a template, giving you neither the desired result, nor guarantees. And, of course, when you promote yourself – be prepared for more time and labor costs.

Myth 7: Crowd marketing is a lie! Comments are false, they mislead users.

Competent professionals write comments based on real information they already have. Being honest with potential customers is the key to success.

Myth 8: Crowd marketing will lead to sanctions. The risks are unfounded, the restrictions will last for years.

Thoughtful crowd marketing is a total business benefit. When comments are written in natural language, look like words from real users, and are presented in moderation, and SEO link writing is done intelligently, there are no risks to speak of.


Before you a few crowd marketing services, where you can order the promotion in this way.


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Heathens will be upset, but crowd marketing isn’t going anywhere. Rather, on the contrary, it will rise in importance in the eyes of professionals.

With the 2022 crisis, the loss of some lead generation channels, and high competition endlessly inflating ad campaign budgets, crowd marketing looks too tempting.

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