Cpa affiliate network Clickbooth review

Cpa affiliate network Clickbooth review is aimed to show all the advantages and disadvantages of working with it. You’ll surely have all the info you need for a successful moneymaking with Clickbooth, if you consider all the following tips.

First, let’s talk about the network itself. It is in the market for more than 15 years, which means they have great experience in the sphere they work in. Clickbooth is in the top of several ranking lists for many years. This fact shows it can become a long term business partner for every affiliate. Cpa affiliate network Clickbooth review will help you understand whether you’re one of them. In the end, it’s up to you what to choose for your Affiliate Campaign.

Cpa affiliate network Clickbooth review: the reasons to work with this program

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There are many CPA affiliate programs available. Still, not all of them are able to make you decent money. There is a number of criteria to select the right network with the right program. In this cpa affiliate network Clickbooth review, let’s place all the criteria in the following list:

  • fast approval;
  • a good variety of verticals, niches and offers;
  • decent payouts level;
  • a substantial amount of high-quality ad creatives;
  • a wide range of available GEOs;
  • fast and responsive support service;
  • fair business relationships.

The last point is extremely important. If there is a place for fraud, all other advantages just have no sense. This cpa affiliate network Clickbooth review shows you that Clickbooth is a reliable one, but if you want a general rule, it’s better to get to know all the possible info about the network before you register.

You can use topic-related forums and blogs for this. There are also so called “black lists” with the networks you’d better not work with. So, make sure the one you’ve chosen is not in such list.

How to earn money with Clickbooth?

Now let’s move to the most essential info of the cpa affiliate network Clickbooth review. First, let’s talk about registration. You have to fill a standard form for this. The approval is fast. One more important thing here is to give your actual phone number, cause SMS verification is a part of the whole process.

The other common question is what can the network offer to the affiliate? In case of Clickbooth, the answer is more than 1000 Affiliate Marketing Offers, many verticals and a great variety of niches. A good amount of offers is unique, which means you won’t find them elsewhere.

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If we talk about available verticals, they’re the following:

  • mobile apps;
  • dating;
  • health & beauty;
  • weight loss;
  • binary options and forex;
  • insurance;
  • cars and vehicles;
  • loans;
  • job search;
  • e-Commerce etc.

affiliate program

affiliate program

affiliate program

Each vertical has a lot of subcategories, which makes the variety of choices even wider.

What else does Clickbooth offer to affiliates?

We all want to know how to improve the CTR and Conversion. Clickbooth network gives you a great variety of tools to reach this goal. Among the others, there is ability to tune the offer according to your needs or to use the pre-set parameters.

Also, the offer’s description shows what types of traffic does the network accept. The other available tool is search by ad creatives. The last important thing is that many offers support “upsell” model. It means you’ll receive money from all the future purchases, which the customer you’ve driven will commit.

As for payments terms, Clickbooth gives you the ability to withdraw money once a week. The minimum amount is $50. You can use Paxum, Check, Wire Transfer or ACH to get your earnings.

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