6 Free File Exchange Services for Big Files

Here is a list of free file exchange services 2023 that allow you to upload and share files using short links. When you need to send a large file, try one of them.

It’s very convenient because you won’t need to re-download the file if you want to show it to several friends – just send them a short link that one of these services will automatically create.

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You can upload files of up to 10 GB to the Pixeldrain cloud storage service. This limit applies to one upload only. You can upload up to 10,000 files as needed and combine them into “lists” to share. “List” is nothing but another name for a folder or collection.

The maximum number of files in the list is 10,000. That is, you could theoretically share a stack of 100 terabytes of documents at a time.

Keep in mind that Pixeldrain only stores data on its servers for a certain period of time! Starting from the upload date, you will have 100 days. But every time someone clicks on your link, the countdown starts over again. So the data may never be deleted at all if the link is used once every three months.

Pixeldrain is one of the few services that can be fully used even without an account. However, it is more convenient to use if you do register. It is easier for registered users to access and track files.

Finally, Pixeldrain has a text sharing tool like Pastebin. Just copy and paste the text you want into the appropriate field and share it with the generated link.


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MediaFire is considered one of the best file sharing sites. After registering, the user gets 10 GB on the cloud server for free.

Sign in via Twitter, install the mobile app or invite your friends to get an extra 40 GB.

Other users can download the downloaded information from the MediaFire website with a unique link that will be given to them after they finish downloading.


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WeTransfer has a fairly simple interface: in just a few clicks you can get the files you need.

What’s more, they will still be available for download for a week or will be deleted after 24 hours – it depends on the settings you specify.

Registration is not required.

Free 2 GB of space is provided. Using the paid plan for $ 12 per month, you increase the amount of storage up to 100 GB. In addition, you can set a password for downloading and make your own background.

Files will be available for download for more than 7 days, and there will be no limit on their size.

By the way, WeTransfer is available for Android and iOS phones.


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This service works on almost all known platforms, allowing you to transfer files up to 4GB for free. Once you enter the site at send-anywhere, you can immediately start sharing with other users.

To do this, select Direct – you will be given a 6-digit PIN code, which you will need to tell the recipient.

After he enters it in the field Input key – the download will start. You do not need to register, but you will need to be on the service site.

The service has its own extension for the browser Google Chrome and applications for iOS and Android. SendAnywhere is also available for MacOS and Windows, and there are Linux and Amazon Kindle versions, as well as plugins for WordPress and Outlook.

If you use the browser extension, you can share files up to 4GB. If you use the paid version for $6 per month, 1TB of storage is provided.


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Dropbox gives you the ability to share large files and folders, but you have to think about having enough free space in the cloud storage.

However, in the free plan, right after registering you can easily upload 2 GB and create a download link.

Now the developers are beta-testing a new service Dropbox Transfer, which is something between cloud storage and email.

In the basic version, with Dropbox Transfer it will be possible to share files up to 100 MB in size. With the Plus package, users will be able to upload up to 2GB, and the Pro version is available to transfer up to 100GB.

To protect your privacy, all downloads are automatically deleted after seven days. You can share both files from your Dropbox storage and downloads from your computer. Dropbox Transfer also features automatic tracking, so you will receive a notification each time you try to download.


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TeraShare combines the functionality of cloud storage and a p2p client via BitTorrent for fast transfer of large files. This program has no limits on the size of files transferred.

Here’s how it works. You download and launch the TeraShare program on your computer. Add the document you want to share to it, and the program generates a unique download link. All you have to do is send that link to your friends.

Since the program works via the p2p protocol, the downloading and uploading starts instantly. In fact, your friends will simultaneously download pieces of file from each computer in peer-to-peer network (their owners won’t be able to see it, because it will be encrypted), due to that the download speed increases significantly.

Of course, your computer should be turned on before the end of the download. Files up to 10 GB in size are uploaded directly to TeraShare servers, so recipients can download them even if your computer is no longer online.

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