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The list of the best CPA affiliate networks do a great job for the whole affiliate marketing sphere. They serve like a bridge between two big market players: the ones who want to sell something and the ones who deliver traffic for them.


As an affiliate you can work with any of thousands advertisers from small e-shops to big companies with tons of goods to sell. It’s not a bad idea to do this directly without any intermediate unit, but there are situations when working with networks will be much better for you. Lets take a close look on them.


Why you should work with CPA affiliate networks?


Having direct relations with one or two companies is OK, but what if you want to test some identical amount of products from 15 different advertisers? Think about time and efforts you’ll spend working with so many advertisers and sending traffic to 15 places. That’s possible, but would you really do that?


The other problem you’ll face here is receiving payouts from Affiliate Programs. After the testing all 15 advertisers will give you different results. It’s obvious that you’ll pick the best and leave the others. And what about money they owe you. Advertisers usually have minimum payout level like $50 or $100. If you haven’t reached it, it would be difficult to get your reward. Actually, in many cases it’s just effortless.


There is a much better way to do all this. It is to work with the list of the best CPA affiliate networks. They’ll be an intermediary between you and thousands of advertisers, which will make your life as an affiliate much easier.



What are possible pros and cons of affiliate networks

affiliate networks


Like every choice, working with affiliate networks has both advantages and disadvantages. Lets start with the first ones:


  1. There is a huge amount of offers from advertisers in one place. You just have to join the network and all this variety will be available for you. And there is no need to work with them all separately.


  1. You deal with the network and the network deals with advertisers. In terms of payouts it means that you’ll receive them from the network as one payment. It allows you to test dozens of products from many advertisers. Moreover, networks usually guarantee that you’ll receive your legit reward if there are some problems with advertiser.


That were the pros and what about cons? They’re the following:


  1. Like every intermediary, affiliate networks will charge you for their services. The amount varies depending on network. It might be 15, 20, sometimes even more % from the reward you receive from advertisers. Some affiliates may get better conditions, if they deliver many leads, sales etc. If you make good profits for the network, you can expect on 10% or less.


  1. There is no network that will give you everything you want. In most cases it makes sense to work with 2 or 3 for the best result. That’s because there is no place you can find the ideal collection of offers. Also, there is a difference when working with various verticals. One network is better with one group of verticals, while the second one with another and so on.


Moreover, different CPA affiliate networks from your best list offer different conditions for affiliates. And that’s not only about the fee you’re charged. Some of them have faster servers than other. There are also networks that owe good landing pages that will boost conversion. As you understand, it’s really important to find a good one to work with.


  1. Not all the networks are ideal for cooperation. Some of them are not honest with affiliates in terms of payouts, volumes etc. So, you should first find out if the network is reliable.



Stay somewhere in the middle

affiliate network

Now you see, that there are both pros and cons when working with the list of the best CPA affiliate networks. If we talk about direct relations with advertisers, the situation is quite the same: there are both good and bad sides of it.


So, what to choose? The best possible way is to make a certain combination of these two approaches. Send one part of traffic directly to advertiser and the other to networks. The ratio between the two approaches might be very different, which depends on many things. That will be only your decision how to manage your traffic.


There is also one good advice. If you’re newbie in the world of affiliate marketing, you’d better start with several networks.


This is the best choice for testing and will help you find your niche. In turn, when you’re more experienced, it’s time to search for some individual deals with advertisers.


There is no CPA affiliate network fee, so they’ll offer you way higher payouts, which is one of the biggest advantages in the world of affiliate marketing 2018.



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