Adult traffic arbitrage


Adult traffic arbitrage is a perfect way to make decent money for every affiliate. There are many Affiliate Programs you can deal with in this market sphere, which can offer you a good variety of tools and a rather high level of payouts.


However, it might be not so easy for a beginner to start here. Where to buy traffic? Which offers are the best for a certain kind of traffic? What GEOs are the best for a beginner? Such questions usually appear in the mind of newbie affiliates. Let’s try to find right answers for them.


Adult traffic arbitrage: how to find the right visitors?

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To get the right traffic, you should understand who is interested in buying the things you promote. It all includes several steps. First, you have to think of the internet users, who might be potential customers in your niche. Why do they want to buy certain products? What do they search for? – that are the questions you should answer.


The second important thing is GEOs. Finding right countries to target is another key to success in adult traffic arbitrage. At last, think of the way the traffic follows to reach the final conversion. Find the visitors, who are ready to follow this road to the final point.


Now, let’s say a few words about GEOs. Traffic Brokers are able to deliver you traffic that comes from various countries, but which one will convert? The main rule is that it should perfectly match the affiliate marketing offers you’ve chosen. What does it mean in terms of GEOs? People in different counties have various purchasing power and buying habits. That’s a very important fact for adult traffic arbitrage.


The most common idea here is that you shouldn’t start with tier 1 countries, cause the competition level will ruin your campaign immediately. They say it’s way better to choose tier 2, which also offers decent potential earnings. Still, there is another theory. It presumes tier 1 is better, cause of higher volumes, which is good for testing. That should help you find the right audience for the right offers.


You should know everything about the products you are selling

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You’ll barely make any money on adult traffic arbitrage, if you don’t know what you’re promoting. And it’s not only about product characteristics and benefits for customers. You should also understand how to sell. Think of advertising tools you can use to persuade visitors buy the product. Which offers will work better? What payment model to choose? All this is important if you want Affiliate Networks to become a source of substantial income.


When done with this, it’s time to move to the next step. Optimization is an important part of adult traffic arbitrage campaign. There is always a room for improvement, so don’t stop testing and always aim for better.


In terms of selling products, it would be a great idea to work with CPA Networks. Yes, they charge a certain fee for their services, but the opportunities they give you are much more valuable. Various banners, landing pages, other advertising tools – that’s only a part of benefits you can receive. Moreover, you’ll get access to many offers that network provides you with. For newbies in adult traffic arbitrage, working with networks is the only right way in most cases.


Three ways to get adult traffic

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  1. You can choose several site owners and work with them directly. Such cooperation often promises better prices and high payouts. There are no intermediaries whom you should pay.


  1. The other source of traffic is ad networks. These Traffic Brokers are a great choice for the ones, who have just started their way in media buying. Networks provide you with a lot of useful info, users’ support and tools to make adult traffic arbitrage as easy as possible. The other important thing is that they’re created to match buyers and sellers. It means you’ll definitely have a great variety of sources to choose from.


  1. The last option is to combine to previous approaches. Choose a certain network as a main source, but get additional traffic directly from site owners. Such diversification will help you to optimize prices and to increase the quality of traffic.


Buying adult traffic from affiliate networks


There are two possible ways to get traffic, when you deal with adult traffic arbitrage. The first approach is called RON. It presumes there are many sources you have to work with. Some of them are good, the other ones deliver waste traffic.


All that means you’ll have to do a good amount of optimization work to cut off bad-performing sources and leave only the best variants. Still, the idea is that you can pick as many sources as your budget allows. Moreover, this variant offers you the best possible prices.


The second way you can choose is to buy adult traffic from brokering websites. In this case you should know what exactly you need. If you do everything right, you’ll get high-quality traffic that will bring high conversion rate in turn. The other advantage is that you don’t have to spend money on bad sources. However, if you’re wrong with the choice of traffic, you’ll pay a lot of money for nothing. Also, it’s generally cheaper to buy on RON basis.



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