The Best Live Cam Affiliate Program XLoveCash


The Best Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program XLoveCash is something you would definitely like to make money online with it, if you are a marketer in the adult sphere. There are many marketing programs on the web, so it might be difficult to make a right choice.


A good sponsor has to be reliable, offer high commission payments and quality products. It’s not easy to find a program that suits all the mentioned criteria. Still, the one called XLoveCash perfectly meets them and really deserves to be named the Best Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program.


So, why is this sponsor so good and what can it offer to affiliates? Let’s make a short XloveCash overview to figure it out.


The reasons to call XloveCash the Best Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program

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To see why XloveCash is a perfect choice for every adult affiliate, let’s first mention some facts about the sponsor. It has started its activity in the year 2006, which makes it one of the oldest players in the market. A good amount of work was made on their way to success and finally it was named the Best Adult Affiliate Program in 2016, which it really deserves.


There is a number of reasons why this sponsor is so trusted by affiliates. First of all, it’s because of its good attitude to the program’s business partners. They understand that affiliates are the ones who are delivering profit to XloveCash, so they give them the best possible working conditions.

affiliate program

affiliate program

It’s all about a great variety of marketing tools, high commissions, an experienced and friendly support team, a great many of cam models etc. Also, this is the Best Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program because their support team is multilingual, which means it won’t be a problem to communicate with them and there won’t be any misunderstanding.


The other thing you should know about XloveCash is that they have about 6 hundred online cams and the amount of cam models on the main site reaches 100 thousands. It all shows how great will be your opportunities, if you work with this sponsor. Friendly for Incentive Traffic.


XloveCash Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program main advantages

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The Best Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program should have a lot of privileges to offer. That’s what XloveCash has:


  1. All their sites convert really good on Adult Traffic Arbitrage. Actually, they have one of the best ratio in the market, which means they sell quality stuff. It’s very important for affiliates to know that the thing they promote really has all the advantages they’ve mentioned in their sales copy or ads.


  1. They track Cookies and you’ll be paid every time the customer you’ve delivered makes one more purchase. This is definitely the feature of the Best Live Adult Cam Affiliate Program, which helps XloveCash to stand out from competitors.


  1. They offer a high commission rate. It’s equal to 35% of sales and this is really great. As it was mentioned earlier, every further customer’s purchase is counted and you’ll be paid. You should also know that the system currency is EUR, which is good, cause it costs more than US dollar.

  1. You can withdraw money from your account on demand. It means you don’t have to wait for any special date and that makes XloveCash the Best Live Adult Cam Affiliate Program too. The only thing to care about is minimum 100 EUR limit. Though, such profit isn’t a problem with so high payouts level and conversion rate.


  1. Not only the sponsor offers you a huge variety of marketing tools, but it also has video tutorials how to use them. That’s great for newbies and will be helpful for more experienced affiliates in many cases. It would be wise to check them out. You’ll definitely find a lot of useful info there.


  1. As the Best Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program, XloveCash has a number of unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. This will help you to sell them and get higher conversion rate.

What else does XloveCash Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program offer you?


  1. Sometimes certain issues may occur with campaigns or offers and affiliates need a quick respond and help. That’s what the program’s support service will give to you. If you’ve a question, just ask the team and you’ll get a quick answer via phone, Skype or email. This is why XloveCash is the Best Adult Cam Affiliate Program you can find on the web.


  1. It’s barely possible that everyone will be content. Still, you can be sure that their team reads the comments and complaints and does its best to improve the service.


  1. XloveCash program often presents extra rewards to its affiliates. If you really do your best and deliver a lot of customers, then you can expect to get much more than your 35% payout rate.


  1. Being the Best Live Cam Adult Affiliate Program, XloveCash provides you with all the tools to build your own website as you want it to do. You are delivering them profit, so you have everything to be creative and do your job in the best way possible.

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  1. They offer you tons of nich e content to help you with promoting their products. Having access to this, it’ll be way easier to create catchy ads and engage the visitors.


  1. Despite XloveCash is definitely the Best Adult Cam Affiliate Program, it’s really easy to become an affiliate here. Just a few simple things and you’re ready to start making money online.


XloveCash branches


The program has three main websites. The first one is XloveCam. It works with all the topics and has a good amount of rooms. Also, it converts pretty well. The second site is Hecams. This one is the newest. Still, it’s very promising, so don’t hesitate to work with it.

affiliate program

affiliate program

The last site of the Best Adult Cam Affiliate Program is XloveGay. It has the appropriate content and rooms and also converts very good.



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