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The best Advertising network for publishers HilltopAds is the Affiliate Program that helps site owners to monetize their websites and offers good conditions to advertisers to do wonder Affiliate Marketing. Advertisers in turn want to sell their goods and services, while networks are somewhere in the middle as a bridge between two parties.


There is one of them you should definitely know about. This Traffic broker is called HilltopAds. It found a great way to create the best conditions for both advertisers and site owners. It’s not so easy to find such balance, so lets take a close look on the things HilltopAds can offer you.


How to work with HilltopAds advertising network

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It’s really easy to find what you need on their website. The first choice you should make is to select whether you’re publisher or advertiser. There will be white panel on the top of the page with the appropriate options on the right hand.


In case you’re publisher, the next step is to sign up and then answer some questions in a little quiz. That’s all you need to start working with this Traffic Broker.


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The payment amount starts from $50. You can use PayPal, WebMoney, wire transfer, ePayservice, Paxum and Bitcoin.


If you’re advertiser, your second step in Affiliate Network is also registration.


After you’re in, you’ll be able to make deposits with the minimum amount of $200. The payment methods are the same as for publishers.

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What about ads?


No matter you’re advertiser or you deal with Arbitrage traffic, good ads is something that everyone needs. If we talk about traditional for the market display banners, the best Advertising network for publishers HilltopAds will offer you the following formats:

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Except the traditional banners, you can get here push-up ads, in-video banners, instant messages and popunders.


If we talk about the type of traffic, mobile dominates here with its 60%, leaving the other part to desktop one.


What else you can get?

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Affiliate marketing is a very competitive sphere. Everyone tries to be the first and to catch the new trends before others. So the best Advertising network for publishers HilltopAds also does. If we talk about site owners, it’s crucial to choose right traffic solution.


HilltopAds makes it possible by offering CPS, CPC, CPI, CPM, CPL, CPA and CPO methods of payment. At the same time, advertisers will receive better ROI due to such model. Not every network can give you such privileges. You’ll see that if you try HilltopAds.


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