Popunder Ads: how to use them in affiliate marketing

Popunder Ads have become rather popular in the market these days. They promise to deliver a lot of benefits to both publishers and advertisers. The first ones get higher earnings due to the specific ads format, while the second ones have entire page to show the visitors their advertising content.

If you deal with Traffic Arbitrage, you definitely have to try this ads type. Still, it would be a great idea to get to know more about it first. What are Popunder Ads? How do they differ from other ad types? Why are they so effective? Do they have disadvantages? Let’s answer all these questions step by step.

What are Popunder Ads and how do they differ from Popups?

A lot of internet users and some newbie marketers may consider the mentioned ad types as a same thing. Well, they might be quite similar, but there is one huge difference: Popunders are shown in a new browser window, while Popups are displayed right above the page the visitor opens.

This fact gives Popunder Ads a significant privilege, if we compare them with Popunder ones. Why it is so? Here are some reasons for marketers to choose Popunders as their ad creatives:

1. They don’t interrupt visitors from viewing the main content. It is one of the biggest advantages this ad type has. Being shown in the new window, Popunders will be visible only when the user closes the main page or scales down the main window size.

Popups do a quite opposite thing. Unlike Popunder Ads, they’re shown above the content the visitors really want to see. As you can guess, this fact might be more than annoying.

No one wants to be interrupted when he is about to watch a beloved movie, read an interesting article or see some funny pictures. It’s also obvious that such approach will deliver fewer clicks and conversions. Moreover, if you’ll use Popups too much, you’ll definitely loose a lot of visitors.

2. People see Popunder Ads after they’ve finished with the main content. It results in a few interesting facts. First, their attention is fully concentrated on the ad you show. Second, Popunders don’t affect the user’s experience in a bad way. It all looks like another page with an interesting content.

3. When visitors open a new page, they are ready for more info. It promises a way better attitude to the ads you show, if we compare them with the ones that interrupt visitors.

One more reason to work with Popunder Ads is that the appropriate ad networks use advanced targeting. It means the visitors will be shown ads according to their interests and preferences.

It all results in higher revenues for publishers and more potential customers for advertisers. As you can see, Popunders have much more marketing potential than Popups. This is a very promising Site monetization tool.

The main reasons to use Popunders for your affiliate campaign

It’s absolutely clear that Popunder Ads have many advantages. Let’s see what benefits they’re able to deliver for publishers:

1. You’ll get more conversions. Unlike traditional banners, Popunders do not suffer from banner blindness. It means the visitors do not ignore them.

Why it is so? It happens mostly because this ad type is shown in a full page size. There is no other content that can distract the visitors, so it captures all their attention. As you can understand, it helps Popunder Ads to deliver way more conversions than banners.

2. You’ll receive higher revenue. There is a couple of reasons why using Popunders means earning more money:

These ads are shown in a full window. It means advertisers pay more to networks for bigger ad space. In turn, networks are able to offer much higher rates to publishers they work with.

Due to advanced targeting, visitors will see only the ads they’re interested in. Moreover, they’ll see Popunder Ads only after closing the page with main content, which means your visitors are ready for new info. The most important thing you get here is the users’ attention.

Popunders have no size limit, which results in better CTR and higher profit, if we compare them with the ads that have size limit.

This ad type is a perfect choice for the ones, who use creative approach to promoting products from CPA Networks and affiliate programs. It gives advertisers almost unlimited space to design the ads in the right way. In turn, it all attracts customers and leads to more conversions.

3. Popunder Ads are not a part of the main page, so they don’t require any space on it. You have a great possibility to improve the users experience by filling this free space with high-quality content, which will attract more visitors. The other approach is to use other ad types in the page body. Just make sure your network allows you to do this.

4. You won’t spoil the user’s experience. Unlike Popups, Popunder Ads do not interrupt the visitors, allowing them to work with the main content until they’ll close the page. Only after it they’ll see the ad, which will look like some new content for them.

Popunders are not obsessive, but you don’t have to use them too much. It will have a harmful effect on your CTR. Moreover, there is a high possibility you’ll start losing visitors if you do so. In turn, your earnings will also decrease.

There is one crucial thing you should do to enjoy all the Popunder Ads benefits. You have to join a good network, which is able to overcome ad blockers. It’s also essential that it’ll provide you with a good variety of marketing tools and targeting options.

When Popunders are not so good?

If you’re not a newbie in the Affiliate Marketing industry, you surely understand that every ad type has both advantages and disadvantages. You should take it into consideration when using Popunder Ads.

So, what are these disadvantages? If we talk about Popunders, they’re the following:

1. There is a great chance you’ll start loosing visitors if you show to many ads. One visitor should see them not more than twice a day, otherwise it will be annoying.

2. You definitely know that Popups and Popunders are two different ad types, but most internet users don’t. Due to this fact, they both have bad reputation and people use ad blockers not to see Popunder Ads. No matter it is build-in browser function or a special extension, you’ll lose money because of this.

There is one more reason why Popunders have bad reputation. There are some networks that serve low-quality ads to publishers. These ads annoy visitors a lot by producing sounds, delivering irrelevant content etc. It all affects the Popunders’ reputation in the worst way possible.

3. Many internet users have ad blockers, which are able to shorten your possible revenue to the lowest point. Even some browsers are able to block Popunder Ads. However, there is a way to solve the issue. You just have to join the ad network that has the tools to overcome blockers. It is one of the most essential things in terms of moneymaking in this market sphere.

How good Popunders are comparing to other ad types?

1. Native ads are among the strongest competitors to Popunders. They’re both good in producing high CTR for publishers, even though they use a different approach to the design and placement.

Popunder Ads don’t require any space on page, cause they’re shown in a new window. In turn, native ads has to be placed in a right way on the site to produce high CTR. It also means they need some free space on the page.

Both ad types are not intrusive and let the visitors deal with the main content first. Popunders are good with websites that offer downloads, media content and streaming. As for native ads, you’d better use such affiliate programs ads with eCommerce, blogs, news sites etc.

2. Now let’s compare Popunder Ads with banners. A banner is a very common ad type which is used by many marketers. Still, market studies show that it performs way worse than Popunders. Moreover, banners suffer from banner blindness, which makes it barely possible to reach high CTR using this ad type. It will be fair to say that Popunders suffer from bad reputation, but they still deliver higher profits for publishers.

If we talk about the page free space, banners surely require some, while Popunder Ads don’t. At last, it’s way easier to be approved in Popunder ad networks.

3. The other possible competitor among ad types is interstitial ad. One of the biggest advantages it has is that interstitial doesn’t require any space on the page. However, it is shown above the website content, which makes it very intrusive. Using it you’ll interrupt your visitors by the ad content, which they usually don’t want to see. That’s why Popunders perform better than interstitials.

If we some up the aforesaid, Popunder is a very promising ad type. It has both advantages and disadvantages, but still performs better than banners, interstitials and Popups, of course. So, it’s a moneymaking online tool that you should definitely try to use.

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