Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019


Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019 is something that may bring you incredibly high profits. This platform showed a tremendous growth during last few years and there are no reasons to think the trend will change in the nearest future. Working with it you’ll have millions of potential customers who’ll definitely convert if you’ll find a right approach to them.


The ones who have a lot of followers on Twitter make tens thousands of dollars here. Every post brings them tremendous revenue. However, Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019 gives you a lot of opportunities for Money making Online even if you don’t have such a big audience. There are several useful tips, which will help you with the issue – how to find the best affiliate marketing niche. Let’s have a quick look on them to understand how valuable they are for marketers.



Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019: use strong headlines

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Due to the characters limit, a good headline is even more valuable for engaging your visitors. Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019 will deliver you incredibly high profits, if your headline will be able to answer the questions of users. Give them what they want and visitors will trust you. This is a perfect way to get more followers and to make them more willing to convert.


Statistics shows that you can reach 50% and more increase in the conversion rate just by adding a strong headline to your post. So, spend some time and efforts on creating a good one. It’s one of the keys to your success as a marketer here.


Send traffic to your website or blog


Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019 allows you to earn decent money by delivering valuable leads to advertisers. It works in a very simple way: you send traffic to advertisers or CPA Networks via referral links, users make purchases and you get a percentage from sales. Using this scheme you can earn decent money on each tweet, in case you’re in the right niche that suits your audience.


A good way to get even higher profits here is to send traffic to your blog or website. Such approach to Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019 allows you to reach a higher level of users’ engagement. First they read your tweet, which is rather short but good enough to catch their attention. Then users go to your website or blog to get the full info. Here they’re even more engaged, so they’re willing to buy products that you promote.


There is one more important thing here: your tweets should be high quality. It might seem to be very hard to deliver all the essential info in just 140 characters. Still, it’s enough to be successful in Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019. All you need is to concentrate on the most important things. Make your message simple and clear, highlight the benefits briefly, show the value. This way you’ll not only get a lot of conversions, but also receive many new followers.


The power of hashtags

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There are many marketers on Twitter and they post thousands of tweets every day. That’s a decent competition level, but it shows that advertising here is a lucrative thing. Still, you need right traffic to be successful in this sphere.


Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2019 will bring you tons of quality traffic if you’ll use appropriate hashtags. This is a perfect way to enrich your database of followers and to find the ones, who are interested in the things you promote. All you need is a number of hashtags, which are simple, brief and relevant to your products and the niche in general.


The ways to get more conversions and earn good money on Twitter.


  1. Use your website or blog. It will help you to engage the users even more than just with your tweets. It all will lead to better conversion rate in the end.


  1. Find a person, website or company to promote on Twitter. This doesn’t require any investments and may deliver decent money.


  1. If you don’t have many followers, then find someone who has. You can negotiate about cooperation, which will be valuable for both.


  1. Distribute the links you have between several accounts. This way you’ll reach more users and get more traffic in the end.


  1. Take part in discussions, which are related to your niche. When you become a trusted user, you can add links to your posts.


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