ICO Affiliate Marketing

ICO affiliate marketing is a new and promising way to make money online. To say it in plain words, ICO is the same thing as Initial Public Offering or IPO, but for the world of cryptocurrencies. The idea is that entrepreneurs are raising funds this way by offering coins or tokens in turn.


The whole process is pretty similar to IPO. First, there is initial price for coins, which may change depending on supply and demand. Second, ICO affiliate marketing gives investors the ability to purchase a certain share of the coins been issued. Third, buyers expect the currency to grow and its value will be much higher in the future. At last, the number of coins issued this way is limited. After ICO affiliate campaign is finished, mining is required to get new ones.


Why ICO affiliate marketing is so lucrative

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There are a couple of reasons for that:


  1. The market isn’t highly regulated, so ICO affiliate marketing is legitimate, but it doesn’t meet legislative restrictions and it doesn’t have any substantial restrictions for investors.


  1. The sphere is more than lucrative. It’s a common fact that cryptocurrencies grow very fast, so you have a chance to get hundreds and even thousands times more funds than you’ve invested.


  1. You don’t need a lot of money for this. The idea of ICO for entrepreneurs is to raise funds for the project, but the coin price can’t be high just after the launch. That’s why ICO affiliate marketing is so promising venture. You buy rather cheap coins or tokens, which may grow to incredible heights.


  1. A certain number of prior investors may receive bonuses, such as lower purchasing price. It gives you even more opportunities to make money online.


A few more advantages of ICO Affiliate Marketing

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There are several ones for both entrepreneurs and investors. First, it’s a great way to raise funds for cryptocurrency projects. ICO affiliate marketing helps to develop the whole market by offering a simple way to launch a startup that doesn’t fall under tons of legislative restrictions.


One more important thing here is that a new community is being built this way. When an ICO is finished, a little market niche occurs. It includes investors, entrepreneurs who drive the project, exchangers and the ones who want to buy coins. If everything goes right, the community will grow, which will deliver a lot of new opportunities for every member.


ICO affiliate marketing (icnluding offers in CPA Networks) also gives projects a chance to grow faster and attract more investors. When people see that your startup has a good background and a certain number of investors have already purchased coins been issued, they’re more willing to buy currency tokens or start mining. It all means your project will grow very fast.


What are potential risks of ICO Affiliate Marketing?


Even though you have a great chance to earn a lot of money on ICO affiliate marketing, there are several risks you have to take into consideration:


  1. If the project will grow, you’ll receive high profit. On the other hand, if it won’t, then you won’t earn anything and probably lose a part of money being invested.


  1. The market is very volatile. Coins’ price grows fast, but it also falls fast. You have to monitor the market regularly not to miss the best opportunity to enter or exit the market.


  1. ICO affiliate marketing is very lucrative. At the same time, there might be a problem to exchange coins on non-web currencies or purchasing goods using them. If a certain coins doesn’t have enough level of trust and it’s not accepted by exchangers, all such funds don’t have any value until the whole situation improves.


  1. It’s difficult to compete with big players. They might buy the whole prior issue of coins, so you’ll have to pay more to enter the market.


  1. A fraud is possible in the ICO affiliate marketing sphere. There are some entrepreneurs who just want quick money, so they launch a project that will 100% fail just to get quick profit and exit the market. Also, even legitimate projects may meet security problems. For example, they might not supply investors with protected currency storages, which leaves a room for possible fraud.


How to protect yourself from scam?

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To earn good money here you have to deal only with trustworthy ICO affiliate marketing projects. There are a couple of things to care about here:


  1. Make sure you invest in a long-term project with good background. A quality one should have a website with project description, information for investors, ICO details, team members presentation, fundraising strategy etc. To sum it up, there have to be all essential features of long-term trustworthy enterprise.


  1. One more thing to take into consideration s whether the project has a clear roadmap. You’ll be able to make money on ICO affiliate marketing only if you’ll invest in long-term enterprise, which has growth perspectives. If there is no clear roadmap, it can be just a scam project that has the only goal to get investors’ money.


  1. Entrepreneurs want to engage as many people willing to buy coins as possible. At the same time, they won’t set to high rewards, cause their main goal is to raise as many funds as possible. So, it’s probably not a trustworthy project, if the bonuses being promised are too good to be true. That’s one more tip to avoid fraud in ICO affiliate marketing.


A sort conclusion


The world of cryptocurrencies gives you a great possibility to earn a lot of money. At the same time, you have to remember that the market is very volatile and ICO affiliate marketing might be a risky venture. To be successful in this sphere you have to choose trustworthy projects (Affiliate Programs) that have a good background and a roadmap for future development.


Make sure the team really knows what they’re doing and the whole enterprise has perspectives for future growth. It all will help you not to lose your money, and to get really high profit on ICO affiliate marketing.



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