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The best Affiliate Marketing CPA Offers are so various in the market that it might be a complicated issue to choose one to promote. Networks often have a wide range of offers.


They consist of several hundreds or even thousands ones. So how is it possible not to get lost in all that variety of choices? The answer is to divide all the offers into groups using different criteria.


That will help you to select the right category in Affiliate Programs to focus on and to find the final variant in the end. So, the first step is to define these groups.


Affiliate Marketing Offers conversion point


If we promote something, we want a concrete action from our customers. It might be goods purchase, filling a form, giving personal data, installing some app, subscribing to a channel on YouTube etc. In every case the final goal is conversion. So, you have to understand clearly what you need to get it. Conversion point or flow is exactly that thing for the best Affiliate Marketing CPA Offers.


There are many kinds of flows, but all they can be divided into 2 groups: the ones that require direct payment and the ones that don’t.


Let’s start with the first group. It includes the following:


  1. Pay per call or PPC: a very common method when the customer has to make a call to some phone number and that will be your conversion. This number often has very high per-minute rate and might be used in some tricky way, but it’s not always like that.


  1. Pay per sale: this is the most commonly used model for e-commerce. It’s very simple to understand, because you just promote some goods and services to persuade the customers buy them. So, the final point is a purchase in this case.


  1. Carrier billing: this method is good with any kind of mobile content. People pay for access to apps, movies, music etc. The appropriate sum is charged by the mobile operator directlyfrom the customer’s account, which usually happens once a month.


  1. Paid membership: is often used by content-delivering sites like Amazon, Netflix etc. The customers pay a fixed fee per month to get access to the content. There is often a free trial period, but in most cases you have to give your credit card details. The service will use it to charge you after the free trial, if you not quit, of course.


  1. Cash on delivery: also a very popular model in the sphere of E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing Offers. The customer orders some product, then usually goes order verification via call center and in the end it leads to the purchase.


The second group of flows doesn’t require any direct payment. It includes such categories:


  1. App install: successful mobile apps make good money for its developers. The more users they have, the more potential income they are able to deliver. So, the app owners will pay you a fixed sum of money for every new user that will install their product. The best thing to promote here are online games, antivirus programs, various extensions for browser etc.


  1. Forum submit: this flow presumes that there will be a further communication with the customer to offer some products and services. Usually they’re somehow related to the topic of the forum. For example, it might be real estate inquiry or financial offer.


  1. Free membership: the model, which is often used by content-delivering services and dating sites. Customers don’t have to pay to register but their access is limited (only a small part of content for example). They have to pay a fixed sum of money to get the full access. Again the fee is usually charged monthly.


  1. Lead generation: in other words lead is a potential customer that might buy some products or services in the future. The conversion point here is to deliver these leads to someone who pays you. Then the customers will be offered various goods and services using different channels (like email).


  1. Sweepstakes: this method presumes that the visitors get a chance to win some prize after giving some data. For example, it might be their email, which automatically means they agree to receive various advertisements. For this they have a chance to receive some reward after a random draw. The most popular prizes are Apple products and online shops vouchers.



  1. Incentive based: this model of Affiliate Marketing Offer doesn’t require any payment from the customer. Moreover, they receive some reward for a concrete action: installing apps, filling out a form etc. It might be digital currency or app bonuses. The other variant is that they agree to receive ads for this reward.


  1. Games / toolbars / extensions install: actually the same as apps install, but for desktop sphere. The programs are usually free, but the customers have to pay for full access, make digital purchases or they’ll receive various advertisements.


Vertical in affiliate marketing offers


Vertical itself is a large group of the best Affiliate Marketing CPA Offers that have common features. In turn, every big niche has subcategories. For example, app install is a vertical and games is a subcategory. Though, sometimes there is a very thin border between these to levels and a subcategory might be considered as a vertical.


In general, the most essential thing to remember is that verticals are large groups of offers that have something in common. That’s enough for understanding the issue and won’t confuse you with dozens of categories and subcategories.


What’s next?

Well, the best Affiliate Marketing CPA Offers can be divided into verticals and subcategories that have different conversion flow. But there is something more that could be said about it.


First about the offers with flows that include direct payment:


  • are good for experienced affiliates;
  • rather difficult to convert;
  • the payouts are usually high;
  • work best in the top GEOs;
  • not many quality problems;
  • rather high starting budget is required;
  • precise targeting is essential.



As for free ones, the following statements are true:


  • are good for newbie affiliates;
  • do not require a high budget;
  • the payouts are lover than in the 1st group;
  • much easier to convert;
  • popular in the lower tier GEOs;
  • more likely to have quality problems;


The next step is to choose the right vertical. There are so many different variants, so it would be great to define a couple of the most promising ones and then to make your decision.


What verticals are worth to work with?

In your search for the right the best Affiliate Marketing CPA Offers you should definitely pay attention to the following categories:


  1. App install. This sector gives you a lot of possibilities but at the same time it is over filled, which causes problems like high traffic prices. In turn, it is rather difficult to be in profit. Still, it’s more true for developed GEOs, so you have a wide range of possibilities in other ones.


App install conversion point is very simple. The customer has to install the app and then to launch it. Most of these programs are free, so it wouldn’t be very hard to promote them.


Your reward in this sector usually starts from about 0.10$ and reaches 2 – 3$ per conversion.


  1. Financial products. This is a high league in terms of possible payouts. The things you promote here are loans, insurance, mortgage etc. The problem is that the market is highly regulated, so it’s really difficult to get these offers.


The sector usually works with the lead generation model. That’s because the products you advertise often require a contract or a special form to be filled and signed. Your main purpose here is to deliver right customers.


  1. Dating offers. This area can be divided into 2 subcategories: mainstream and adult. The last one is a good source of traffic and a highly-promoted vertical. There is a couple of conversion models that are used here. It might be pay per sale, SOI and DOI lead generation and rebilling membership. Pay per sale model is usually the most profitable one in any Affiliate Marketing Offers.


For customers this model works in the following way: they register for free or install free app, but they have to pay for full access or membership. They can use the content as long as the fee is charged.


  1. Nutrition supplements offersThis a rather big category that includes muscle building, diet, male enchantment, skincare etc. All this can be promoted using pay per sale, rebill, trials or cash on delivery models.


  1. Carrier billing. Includes a lot of subcategories from games and apps to video and adult content. In this model the customers of mobile operators will be charged directly from their account. Carrier billing is very popular in lower tier GEOs, mostly because it is possible to use for micro payments.


  1. Gambling/ binary options. First, binary options are here because their principal is very close to gambling: you make a bet and hope that the market goes in the right way (growth or decline). All this is often considered as a business opportunity, which will be described next.


This kind of offers usually promises really big payouts that might reach 100$ for a player, but there is also another side of the coin. It all requires rather high initial budget for testing, so gambling and binary options isn’t a good choice for newbie affiliates. And be careful, these offers are not always legit.


  1. Business opportunity. Is a kind of the best Affiliate Marketing CPA Offers that gives the customers a chance to earn money. It might be some training programs, guides, forum topics giving the information how to make a profit in a certain business area. Sometimes it can be mixed with gambling, binary options and forex trading which can be considered as a kind of business opportunity. This kind of offers might be both legit and tricky, it depends on every particular one.


As for conversion point, pay per sale and payed membership models are the most common. Still, SOI and DOI lead generation is possible too.


  1. Contests / sweeps / shopping vouchers. This method presumes that the customers give their email to take part in a random draw. Someone who is lucky will receive the prize, which is usually apple gadget, voucher, discount coupon etc.


In most cases the offer works on lead generation basis. It’s obvious that the goal of “prize-givers” is to get as many possible customers as possible. And the given email will be used for future advertising (that’s how they get their profit).


  1. E-commerce. This is a huge vertical with a lot of possibilities for affiliates. The simplest way to work with it is an offer when you deliver customers to some e-shop. It might be lead generation or pay per sell, when the owners will pay you some little % from the price of goods sold this way. There are tons of things you can promote from gadgetsand sport supplies to healthy food and clothes. Look at Amazon and you’ll understand how many possible variants exist.


The second option how to work with this vertical is to launch your own e-shop and promote goods for it. Moreover, if you worked with the 1st schema, you’ll know what really works. So it would be easier for you to find a profitable niche.


The third option is a bit complicated but it’s worth to be described. It is closely related to the development of drop-shipping services. Everything works in the following way: you receive orders from your customers, then forward the to the sellers on AliExpress or some other trading platform. You also deal with the payments, but not with real goods. So there are no problems with storing and delivering the things you sell. Still, this method requires your time and efforts to make everything work.


Adult content vertical specifics


It’s a very big category where you deal with adult traffic. Usually, all this is about movies and photos the customers can watch being a member of related sites. So it is like pure paid membership when they are charged every month for access to the content.


Note that it’s quite difficult to run the best Affiliate Marketing CPA Offers on paid traffic in this sector, so the organic traffic will be preferable. Being an affiliate you can get your reward as a fixed payout for every sold membership or as a shared revenue in % as long as the customer will stay a paid member.


There is one more option called live chat. The customers get the opportunity to fill their wishes and to tip the participating models. Again, they need a membership for that or they have to buy special credits. The affiliate reward here is the same as in the first category: fixed payout or shared revenue.


There are so many great opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing. Still, if you’re newbie for now, it would be better to choose one of standard verticals for your first offers.


You can find them in any affiliate network. When done with this, you are free to try any specific areas, the ones that require high budget level or try do get custom deals.



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