How to make money on Affiliate programs with White-label in 2022

White-label Affiliate marketing is a sphere, which gives you really great freedom of choice and the ability to make a lot of money online. On the web it works pretty the same as in the offline market. Still, there is some difference concerning the methods you’ll use.

The whole idea here is that an affiliate has to sell products under the brand he works with to get profit. However, it’s not just promoting these products. White-label Affiliate marketing presumes you can create your own e-shops and set prices according to your money making goals. Actually, you do almost everything, except delivering products to customers.

Let’s now take a more detailed view on this online business to understand how can you enter the market, what are the best programs to work with and what tools you’ll be able to use.


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There are a couple of things that White-label Affiliate marketing allows you to do to earn some buck:

1. Since you’re fully responsible for everything except delivering goods to customers, you can target a certain product or even a group on specific audience. It allows you to achieve a perfect match that will deliver really high profit. Actually, it’s one of the keys how to make money on White Label.

2. Most networks give you a comprehensive pack of tools to create your own shop and everything you need to keep it up to date. That will help you to spare a lot of time and efforts on your White-label Affiliate marketing campaign.

3. You’ll get plenty of products to promote via numerous channels, including such traffic sources as social networks.

4. It’s up to you how to sell. In most cases you can use your own style and visualization to create a unique product. Moreover, there is a possibility to set prices in a certain diapason. Such a freedom will help you find the best option for your target audience. It also allows marketers to set discounts on certain products.

These White-label Affiliate marketing advantages are the key to receiving a really high profit online.


Working in this marketing sphere means you’ll have a full control on SEO. The same thing is mostly true about language localization, cause you can use the one you want for your campaign and even with the support. The other important thing is that you’ll work on your own domain and host.

As it was mentioned earlier, White-label Affiliate marketing doesn’t presume you have to deliver products. Your responsibility is to promote. However, it still means you sell someone else’s goods and services and you depend somehow on the main company.

The most important tip how to make money on White Label is to do your campaign and products really unique. Work on written content, use your own visualization and styles, play with prices and discounts. It all will allow you to earn tens thousands of dollars on White-label Affiliate marketing.


There are a few of programs in the adult vertical you should definitely take into consideration.

If we talk about webcam niche, they’re the following:


Adult webcam affiliate program with White-label.  

Revshare – 20%

Paxum, Wire, Bitcoin, Check, ACH, Ethereum, Tether USD TRC20.

Min payout – $100.


Adult webcam affiliate program with White-label. 

Revshare – 30-35%

Min payout – 100 euro.

Paxum, Wire.


Adult webcam affiliate program with White-label.

  • Revshare – 20%
  • CPA up to $1

Check, ePayService, Direct Deposit (USA Only), Wire, Paxum, COSMO Pay, Bitcoin, Skrill.

Min payout – $50


Adult webcam affiliate program (Skype Premium webcam) with White-label.

  • Revshare – 20% fix.
  • Pay per lead (DOI) – up to $4.5
  • Pay per sale – up to $150.

Welcome bonus – $25

Bitcoin, Bitsafe, Paxum, ACH, Wire, Sepa, International Wire (Swift).

Min payout – $100


Sexshop affiliate program with White-label and dropshipping.

White-label Affiliate marketing is also very lucrative when you work with sex shop programs. One of them is AffiliationSexShop. This one will give you a lot of tools and tons of products to promote to your target audience.

Has dropshipping options for EU, US+CA and Worldwide.

  • PPS – 25%

Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin and 12 main others altcoins), Wire, Paypal.

Min payout – $100


Adult dating affiliate program with White-label.

  • Revshare – 32%

Min payout – $250

Paypal, Wire.


Mainstream dating affiliate program with White-label.

  • Revshare – 60-70% (depends on geo)
  • CPA – $8-55 (depends on geo)

Min payout – $100

Paxum, Wire.


Educational (essay) affiliate program with White-label.

  • Revshare – 50-70%

Webmoney, PayPal, Privat24, Payoneer, Paxum, Tether USDT TRC20.

Min payout – $50


Educational (essay) affiliate program with White-label (by request).

Revshare – 55-75% for new orders and 20-35% for rebills

Tether USDT TRC20, Webmoney, Payoneer, Paypal, Capitalist, AdvCash.

Min payout – $50


Also I recommend to look at this Software Affiliate Program where you can build you own shop with parked domain.


Absolutely WHITE software from Adobe, Corel, ArchiCad, Microsoft, Autodesk and so on.

Webmoney, Payoneer, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT (TRC20, ERC20).

Min payout – $100

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