ECommerce optimization

ECommerce optimization is the way to maximize income from your online business. In fact, there are many things you can do here.

Website content, different approaches to customers, purchase methods and useful info – all that does matter when talking about e-Commerce affiliate marketing. The idea is to invest in optimization to get better profit in the future.

There is a couple of methods you can use to reach your goal. Each of them touches the issue in its own way. Let’s look on them a bit closer.

ECommerce optimization methods

Unlike working with any Affiliate Program, here you change, optimize and promote only for your own profit, but not for someone. That’s another incentive to make substantial efforts and do your best to get a good result in the end. So, what you can optimize?

Website content

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A good sales copy is a key to receive decent income. At the same time, great sales copy will give you much more than that. Changing it in a right way is a crucial step of eCommerce optimization.

Your goal here is to create a feeling of personal approach, which is hugely important to hook the visitors. Don’t be afraid to change the text or write a new one in order to reach this. There are some characteristics that every good sales copy should have.

First, it has to stress on benefits, which your customers will receive, if they’ll buy a certain product. It’s not enough just to mention some list of specifications. ECommerce optimization for sales copy also includes a clear return and refund policy. At last, the customers should understand why to buy the product exactly from you.

How does your main page look like?

If we talk about Traffic Arbitrage, the only page you can deal with is landing page. In e-Commerce affiliate marketing everything is different. Here you have a home page, which is the first thing your customers will see after they click on the appropriate link.

So, how can you change it to increase the sales?

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The first step of ECommerce optimization here is to create so called “attention blocks”. They should be wisely placed on the page and show the visitors such info as special offers, top-rated products, new arrivals etc.

Each block is a beginning of a special path, you can create for visitors, which ends with the product purchase.

The second thing to do is to make the whole page work like one huge CTA (call to action). It has to motivate the customers do something. All that should lead them to the final purchase.

Use videos for products reviews

This ECommerce optimization approach has two big advantages. The main is that it’s able to dramatically increase the sales. People better buy products when they know how they look and work.

The second thing you can get from videos is additional traffic. For example, you can post them on YouTube, which has millions of potential visitors for you.

A good website structure is what you need

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Most people don’t know what they’re looking for, so they start with the home page. Then the categories come. An important step of eCommerce optimization is to make sure you organized them wisely, so that it’s easy and comfortable to browse on the site. B

y doing this, you’ll help the visitors find what they want, which means better sales in the end.

Give the visitors full and accurate info about products

Lack of useful info is one of the reasons why people don’t buy products online. The situation here is similar to working with any CPA network: provide a full and truthful info, if you want a desired action from your visitors.

The things you should definitely mention are product price, availability, dimensions, shipping details and possible charges, useful tech specs. Right info is generally crucial to be successful in e-commerce and in the Affiliate marketing sphere.

Make sure the checkout process is simple and easy

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If the visitor added some product to the cart, it doesn’t mean he always buys it. One of the reasons of such situation is a complicated checkout process. So, your goal is to simplify it. There is a couple of things you can do.

For example, pre-filling the checkout form for registered visitors will save their time. Then, make sure customers will be able to come back directly to the cart, if they leave the site for a while. Also, don’t force them to register to buy something. At last, Provide examples in the form fields.

Use various payment methods

Give your customers alternative ways to pay for products they purchase. Most of them use credit cards, but some will definitely prefer PayPal, for example. It’s also important to know which payment methods are popular in your region.

At last, there are customers who don’t like to pay online. So, if you have local store, give them a possibility to order the product by phone or email and to pay for it when receiving the purchase in the store. All that will have a positive influence on the sales level.

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