How to promote CPA Dating offers

How to promote CPA Dating offers and make good money on it? A lot of affiliates want to find an answer on this question. Why is it so? Well, mostly because it is one of the most lucrative spheres in marketing.

The turnover is about several billions of dollars a year here and everyone wants to get a piece of this huge pie. What’s even more important, this market area doesn’t show any decline for a long time period. It only grows, giving the affiliates more traffic, offers from CPA Networks and potential income.

If you want to learn how to promote CPA Dating offers, you should find the right approach to this marketing sphere. There will be many choices on your way. One of them is whether to work in the adult or mainstream sector. To be successful you should select the one that suits you best.

Talking about CPA model in general, it’s among the most effective ways to earn decent money online. However, it also requires substantial efforts from you. It’s not enough just to deliver quality traffic. You need a conversion to be paid.

So, what are the most useful tips how to promote CPA Dating offers? Let’s look through them all to find out, which ones are the most valuable.

How to promote CPA Dating offers: choosing a right market sphere

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As it was mentioned earlier, there are mainstream and adult sectors in this marketing sphere. You can make good money in both, but adult one is often more lucrative.

At the same time, there might be some moral obstacles that won’t let you work in this area. In the end, it’s up to you, which variant you’ll choose.

Even if you’ve already made your choice, the mentioned division is important to understand how to promote CPA Dating offers. At least, you’ll use different approaches to advertising.

What are the best traffic sources?

So, you’ve decided whether you’ll work in adult or mainstream area. Now it’s time to find appropriate traffic that will make you good money. One of the most promising sources is social networks.

Use your account or create special groups to get traffic for your offers from Affiliate programs. But be careful with adult sphere. There might be certain restrictions in the social network concerning such content.

The other way how to promote CPA Dating offers and get quality traffic is to use specialized blogs and forums for these goals. Their visitors and members are already interested in the things you promote, so you just have to find the right approach to them. If you’ll manage to do that, your conversion rate will raise significantly.

One more important thing here is the tools you use to promote offers. You need conversions, not only clicks. It means you require high-quality content, tempting links and engaging CTA element.

All these tips how to promote CPA Dating offers will help you earn decent money on Traffic arbitrage. When the visitor understands what benefits he’ll receive, it’s way easier for him to make a choice.

How to promote CPA Dating offers: do you have to use landing pages?

Affiliate Marketing is the sphere where you need to give the visitors a certain motivation to make them spend their money. That’s what landing pages serve for. In most cases you’ll get way fewer conversions without them.

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Quality landing pages is another key to how to promote CPA Dating offers successfully. There are a few crucial elements they should have:

1. Interesting and engaging content, which meets the visitors’ needs. It also has to be translated on the language of the country you target. Don’t try to save money on this. You’d better hire some native speaker to translate everything correctly than lose conversions because of translation mistakes.

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2. Work on your angles. A right approach to catching the visitors interest is a key to receiving many conversions. This tip how to promote CPA Dating offers is one of the most important, cause motivating your audience is the most effective way to earn money in this market area.

3. Work on your CTA element. It should stand out from other content and engage the visitors. This is the first door they pass on their way to conversion, so make it tempting to enter.

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4. Use pictures, especially when working in the adult sphere. In many cases they work better than any writing. Also, make sure they load fast. You can host them with Content Delivery Network for this.

So, now you know how to promote CPA Dating offers using landing pages. Use it to get as many conversions as possible, cause this method is way more effective than just sending the visitors to the offer page.

How to promote CPA Dating offers: what are the best GEOs to work with?

As you know, there are three tiers of GEOs. The first one offers high payouts, but the competition is very fierce there. The third tier will give you low payouts and low competition level. At last, second one is somewhere in the middle.

One more tip how to promote CPA Dating offers is to choose a right tier and GEO. It all depends on the offers you’re going to promote, the budget you have, your personal skills and experience. If we use a general approach to the issue, there are some countries, which are potentially better to target than others.

Dating offers work best in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia, if we talk about tier 1. In tier 2 you can target such countries as Italy, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Canada and Sweden.

If you want to know how to promote CPA Dating offers in tier 3 countries, try to work with Mexico, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, Columbia etc.

No matter which country you choose, make sure you deliver appropriate content and it is suitable for the citizens. Sometimes the things that work in one GEO are useless in other ones. Also, make sure you don’t offense the visitors by the things you write and show.

The benefits of CPA model

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There are various ways how to make money online. CPA marketing is one of them. Trying to find out how to promote CPA Dating offers you should also understand how the basic model works.

If we say it simple, you need a conversion to be paid. In this case it’s a certain action a visitor has to commit. Talking about adult sphere, the visitors usually have to subscribe to the offer website.

It’s more difficult to promote CPA than just to deliver traffic. At the same time, it’s easier than working on pay per sale basis. To make people purchase something, you should know everything about the product and you have to be able to show all its benefits.

Don’t forget about optimization

The last, but not the least tip how to promote CPA Dating offers is to constantly optimize your campaign. Testing is what you need here. It’ll help you find out the following:

  • which offers deliver higher earnings;
  • what ad creatives to use;
  • which landing pages perform best etc;

Even if you earn decent money on your campaign, you can always do better. Just apply some efforts and run several test and you’ll understand how to receive more.


Now you know which direction to move when working with dating offers. One more important thing here is to keep good relationships with your network. Affiliates, who are valuable for the network, will definitely receive better payouts.

If we talk about offers, don’t hesitate to change one when it doesn’t perform well. You can always pick new offer and apply all the methods you’ve used earlier to make money on it.

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