Affiliate Campaign Conversions

Affiliate Campaign Conversions are limited only by the amount of visitors you have. We all know it’s impossible to convert entire audience, but doing your best to reach this unachievable goal is a right approach to get the best possible results.


However, there will always be a point on your way, where it seems unreal to receive more conversions without additional traffic. A very common decision is not to optimize your Affiliate Marketing campaign, but to get this new traffic.


If you want more Affiliate Campaign Conversions from CPA Networks without high expenditures and hundreds of issues, you shouldn’t use such approach. There are many ways how to increase conversions on affiliate campaign and not to widen your audience.


Each of them has its own specifics and requires some efforts from you. Still, the results you can receive will definitely surprise you in the best way possible. Let’s see how all these methods work and what they can bring to your campaign.


How to get more Affiliate Campaign Conversions?

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There are many things you can do here. One of them is a landing page optimization. Even if you think yours is perfect, there is always room for improvement. If you’re searching for some new ideas in this field, it would be a good one to see what your competitors do. They could be your best teachers of Online Moneymaking.


You don’t have to copy all their stuff. Just pick some interesting ideas to see whether they’ll help you to receive more Affiliate Campaign Conversions. Use split testing to find out which one works best. In the end, leave landing page, which brings the highest conversion rate.


As for verticals, you can try yourself on:



The second approach is to play with the page design. Your goal is to make the page look like something familiar and the one, users are accustomed to. Social networks they use and websites they visit on daily basis are perfect sources of inspiration. Colors combinations, general structure, approach to visitors – that’s what you should take into consideration.


Find a good tracking tool

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Affiliate Campaign Conversions are much easier to get with a professional tracking platform. There is a couple of features this tool should have. First, it should be able to cover all the traffic sources you have.


This will help you to figure out which ones bring you the right traffic. A good tracking tool also should offer you a conversion tracking option. It’s crucial to understand what brings you money and which referrals deliver high-quality traffic.


If you’re aimed to receive more Affiliate Campaign Conversions, your tracking tool has to be easy to integrate with ad networks and various platforms. One more crucial thing is offer rotation. It’ll give you more ways to send right traffic to right offers.


The other feature, which is essential for a good tracking tool, is the ability to show how your landing pages, keywords and the whole campaign perform in real time. At last, it should cover all the sides of your campaign and give you instruments to track everything which happens with it.


You should try to use:


Use retargeting


You’ll definitely receive more Affiliate Campaign Conversions this way. Such approach to Traffic Arbitrage presumes there is a special piece of code on your website, which drops an unnoticeable cookie whenever new visitors come.


If they’ve left without conversion, this method will soon bring them back to you. The build-in cookie will show the retargeting provider you work with, whom to show the ads. These advertisements will bring visitors back to you.


For that goal you can choose Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords etc. Such method is able to deliver a good amount of additional Affiliate Campaign Conversions to you. Note: if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this, make sure you enable frequency capping and conversion filtering.


Don’t do everything on your own

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There are plenty of simple tasks that just steal your time. Use automation methods to deal with them. That’s another tip how to increase conversions on affiliate campaign.


There are advanced APIs that give you such a possibility, so don’t hesitate to use them in order to boost Affiliate Campaign Conversions. Fast decisions and more time for really important tasks will help you to be one step ahead of your competitors, which will result in higher profits.


Don’t undervalue videos


Whether you work with CPA Networks or CPI Networks, videos are perfect tool to get what you want from the visitors. There are several ways to use it. First, you can place ads in some part of the video (before, after or somewhere in the middle).


Try to use a brief message and do not interrupt the visitors too much. Such method promises plenty of Affiliate Campaign Conversions. You can also use social videos for this purpose. Although they’re easily shared in the web, make sure the ads suit the visitors interests.


At last, you can just insert the videos into your banners. Again, make sure the content is relevant.


Google AdWords isn’t the best choice

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If you can’t get more from your visitors using Google AdWords, a need to find alternatives appears. There are various options to choose here. It can be Facebook with its billions of users, easy setup and plenty of targeting options. Still, it’s rather hard to get high conversion rate here.


You can also try LinkedIn, which offers many niche visitors, but requires decent budget. In both cases you’ll have to keep an eye on ad platform and be very attentive to how it all works. The third option is ad networks, which offer a decent amount of users, flexible budget options and various targeting approaches.


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