Newbie friendly CPA network MYLEAD

Newbie friendly CPA network MyLead is like a breath of fresh air for every marketer who is just starting a long way in this online business.

Unlike most affiliate programs on the web, it approaches its affiliates with the highest level of support and respect, giving them all the essential tools to start successfully. They even have a publisher training system, which is aimed to help you reach the best possible results with your campaign.

MyLead is not only a newbie friendly CPA network, but the one that offers really high payouts, a great variety of offers within several verticals and plenty of highly-efficient tools.

The CPA Network itself is built on ClickMeter platform, which provides incredible user experience. It’s really a pleasure to work with the system.

MyLead Newbie friendly CPA network review

There are a couple of things you have to know about this newbie friendly CPA network before you’ll start. First, you can work with the system just after approval and there is no need in any additional Viber or Skype interview.


This affiliate program comes from Poland and now works for 5 years in the market. It offers its marketers weekly payouts with the $20 minimum sum.

A lot of offers here are targeted on Poland, but you’ll definitely find the one that suits your campaign best in any vertical. MyLead newbie friendly CPA network offers in such spheres as car supplies, auto insurance, voice services and many others for top GEOs.

The network that resembles MyLead most in terms of verticals available is ClickBooth. Its offers are made mostly for the US h the state-based targeting.

How to earn money with CPA network MyLead?

You can go to the program’s full guide if you want, but that’s definitely not an essential thing. Everything is really plain and clear in MyLead newbie friendly CPA network. It even looks even better than affise and hasoffers’ minimalism.

There are more than 1600 offers here, which are divided by vertical and payment model. The second filter can be found in the top of the list. GEO-based search is there too.

Here are the screenshots of all available offers for now.

affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program
affiliate program

Some examples.

affiliate program
affiliate program

The vertical called “Pay per Install” has a separate place in the control panel. Though, it’s a bit odd, cause there are not many offers in this category of MyLead newbie friendly CPA network.

It has various smartlinks – all that yoy need to earn money.

affiliate program
affiliate program

Use such elements to tune the affiliate campaign:

  • Preview;
  • Details;
  • Promote.

Every offer has a description with all the terms and conditions, deeplink and ad creatives (banners mostly).

There are various banner formats and sizes available.

affiliate program

Create a link and choose a landing. Then you can tune everything to launch a campaign.

affiliate program

MyLead has a mobile app for its affiliates. To get it, click on the appropriate button in the sliding panel on the right. It’ll give you access to this newbie friendly CPA network from your mobile devices.

affiliate program

Other things you have to know about MyLead

The program has a very efficient inbuilt tracking system. It gives you all the essential statistic info on offer or lead-based principal. You can also set all the parameters you need.

Alternative CPA Networks:

It all will help you optimize the affiliate campaigns for traffic arbitrage and get the highest profit possible. You can also use other tracking systems. Just give an appropriate post back URL.

If we talk about payouts, they’re based on NET 15 principal.

The minimum sum is $20. You can use such payment systems as Bitcoin, WebMoney, Wire, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, Capitalist,

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