Spy Affiliate Program MSPY

Spy Affiliate Program MSPY is the one that allows you to make money on promoting spying tools for various mobile platforms. There are not many players in this niche, but you’ll definitely find some to work with.

One of them is MSPY with its spying app. The program will be good with all kinds of traffic, which makes it easier to find good traffic sources for Traffic Arbitrage.

MSPY is a rather young platform, which is in the market for at least 5 years. Recently, this Spy Affiliate Program moved to a new platform that promises the best possible experience for webmasters.

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MSPY is oriented on a wide range of users. Your audience may include the following groups:

1. Husbands and wives, who want to spy on their partners on various purposes.

2. The ones, who need a tool for spying on their business competitors.

3. Parents, who want to know what their children do during the day.

4. Employers, who want to examine their employees.

There are many other audience groups. It al depends on your ability to define them.

Spy Affiliate Program specialized app

MSPY Affiliate Program provides you with the app, which has a wide range of spying abilities. It all includes access to the following:








GPS data.

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The spying app works on various mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows mobile and even Symbian.

How to work with the CPA network?

MSPY is a kind of CPA Network, which offers two payment models. You can earn money with the Spy Affiliate Program on pay per event or pay per sale basis.

The first model presumes the users will have a free trial for 7 days. After that, they’ll have to buy a full version. Also, there will be other in-app purchases available. The second model presumes the visitors initially buy a full version. In both cases your award is 40% from sales.

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MSPY offers you 253 GEOs, including such tier 1 countries as the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Germany. The Spy Affiliate Program has a lot of offers available, which are divided into groups by their topic.

As for Online Affiliate Marketing tools, you’ll get access to about 100 banners for each offer. At last, MSPY provides you with multilingual landing pages.

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Now let’s move to the payouts. The withdrawal limit is $100 minimum.

You can get your money once a week via Webmoney, PayPal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer.


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