TOP 13 best cryptocurrencies decentralized exchange DEX in 2022

DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is an exchange based on a distributed ledger. Unlike centralized exchanges, it does not store on its servers money and personal data of users, but only acts as a platform for transactions with assets of its users. Trading at such exchanges is carried out directly between users without intermediaries.

The key advantages of DEX exchanges are anonymity, lower commissions as well as the absence of intermediaries represented by the centralized exchanges (CEX): Binance, BitForex, Exmo and others. This increases the level of security, returning control of the assets to the parties involved.


Transactions between traders on DEX exchanges in 2022 are done with verification through multi-signatures. This allows users to remain anonymous and not have to think about the hassle of going through the verification process.

Each user of the exchange has a wallet with a private key, and each trader is personally responsible for the safety of their own funds, because the exchange does not have access to them anyway.

As DEX platforms evolve and their users increase, developers will introduce updates aimed at fixing problems. We have compiled a list of the most promising platforms operating in today’s crypto market:


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1inch Exchange – This is a decentralized exchange aggregator (DEX). It was created to connect all major DEXs into one network with liquidity and prices, making it easy to get the best deal. The service allows exchanging any Ethereum blockchain token for each other.

In order to exchange tokens for each other, or buy any token for Etherium, you just need to connect to the platform via your Ethereum wallet (e.g. MetaMask) and make the transaction. But don’t forget to take care of the gas beforehand, it doesn’t work without it.

As of this writing, the service supports wallets such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, WalletConnect, WalletLink, Portis, Ledger. In the near future, support for Torus, Formatic, Bitski, Authereum, UniLogin is planned to be added.

Features of the platform 1inch:

  • The 1inch exchange offers multi-dex liquidity and exchange rates on one platform.
  • 1inch doesn’t store any client funds. All funds are stored in the user’s ERC20 wallets.
  • Users control their assets. In order to sell and buy their coins, they decide to trade.
  • There is no need for KYC identity verification, no need to create an account, you can just link a web3 wallet and start trading.
  • Low chance of hacker attacks because 1inch has no reserves.

DEX 1inch does not charge withdrawal fees. Since the exchange does not deposit funds, there are no withdrawals or related payments. 1inch does not charge any purchase fees, but gas fees are present. Since any transaction is made on the Ethereum network, all transactions include a gas fee.

The platform also has its own token called “CHI Gastoken. It is designed to pay transaction costs per 1inch. If users choose to pay with CHI tokens, transactions become 42% more profitable.

The name of the token was inspired by Bruce Lee’s legendary “1inch punch,” the epitome of martial arts efficiency, and is meant to symbolize efficiency in the crypto industry. You can buy the CHI token here by exchanging it for ETH, or you can buy it in advance on an exchange such as MEXC.

Undoubtedly, the gas savings, makes this platform one of the best offerings on the market. In addition, you can engage in liquidity mining, or as they also say profitable farming, on the platform. In the “Farming” tab, you choose a pair of tokens (currently 1INCH-ETH, ETH-DAI, ETH-USDC, ETH-USDT and ETH-WBTC) and make a bet.

Percentage of profitability is different for each pair – choose what will be more profitable for you.


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Biswap – The first DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-tier referral system and the lowest commissions in the industry. Biswap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms and provide true value, fairness and innovation for decentralized finance with high quality products and services. Biswap is a fast and secure DEX where everyone can exchange and earn tokens.

DEX Biswap Exchange consists of several sections, such as:

Biswap Exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows the user to exchange two tokens in the Binance Smart Chain network. The liquidity provided by the exchange comes from liquidity providers (LPs) who place their tokens in liquidity pools. In return, the user receives LP tokens that can be used in farming.

When an exchange is made, a 0.1% fee is charged, of which 0.05% belongs to the liquidity providers and the other 0.05% is used to burn BSW tokens. Biswap may increase the exchange fee in the future.

Biswap Farms incentivizes many liquidity pairs and invites providers to place their LP tokens on farms. Going to the Farms section, the user sees the coins for steaking. The second column shows annual percentages. At the bottom of the window we see the rate of the BSW coin. Those who wish can try to make money on steaking, especially since the interest is very tempting.

Biswap Launchpools is a kind of alternative to mining at this site. By investing BSW tokens, you are mining this cryptocurrency. The yield at the moment is about 600% and it is the most popular section on this site. It is in this tab that everyone is trying to get rich. In order to invest your BSW, you need to initially exchange them in the “Exchange” tab.

You can use the MetaMask wallet to exchange. Once you have exchanged your BSW tokens, go back to “Launchpools” and refill your farming pad with the required amount of tokens.

IDO Launchpad – Buy new tokens directly for BSW on Bswap. Maximize your profits by participating in initial DEX offers.

NFT Launchpad – Participate in the initial NFT sale with which you can play and earn in the upcoming game from Biswarup – Squid NFT World!

There’s also a GameFi section on the site for upcoming games, as well as a raffle. The project has been audited by Certik, and collaborates with many well-known platforms. BSW tokens are constantly being burned, which helps to keep the token price down and increase capitalization.


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PancakeSwap – This is a decentralized DEX exchange designed to exchange BEP-20 tokens for Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap uses the Automatic Market Maker (AMM) model, in which users trade against a liquidity pool.

Such pools are filled with users’ funds. They deposit them into the pool, receiving liquidity provider tokens (or LPs) in return. They can use these tokens to pay back their share plus a portion of the trading fees.

PancakeSwap is similar to UniSwap and SushiSwap working on Ethereum. The main task of such platforms is to organize anonymous exchange using own tokens, which also give an opportunity to take part in various programs for getting special rewards (farming new coins or buying them at the start of sales, as well as the opportunity to take part in the voting).

In order to use this site, you need to connect using your wallet. Many functions are not available after entering the site, until you click on the button “Unblock Wallet”. And after clicking on this button, you will find several options for connecting: MetaMask, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, Binance Chain Wallet and other options.

IMPORTANT: to make all exchange transactions you will need to pay a BSC network fee with a BNB token in BEP20 network, which is paltry compared to ETH. Standard BNB token works in BEP2 network, but it can be converted to BEP20 when transferring from exchange. If you already have BNB in BEP2 network, then add Binance Smart Chain token (BNB to BEP20) to the main list and swap inside your wallet.

This swap is very suitable for those who keep coins in their wallet (After the exchange, the money stays in the wallet). That is, you will not need to go to the exchange to sell and then withdraw it to your wallet.


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Uniswap Exchange Protocol – This is a DEX system designed to exchange tokens that uses an automatic market maker (AMM) as the price determination.

The Uniswap Exchange Protocol is one of the most difficult DEX solutions to understand because it flips what we know about market makers, order books and prices. In an effort to simplify how it works, Scalar Capital, a cryptocurrency investment group, provided one of the simplest explanations.

On traditional exchanges, order books are organized through different price categories and different requirements in each price category. In one order, a buyer might buy 100 BAT for $20 and another seller might sell 200 BAT for $32. Assuming that hundreds of such trades occur on the exchange, the figure that is between the highest and lowest bid is defined as the price of BAT during that trading period.

In Uniswap DEX, all these orders are mixed and the final price is determined by an “automatic market maker” (AMM). All liquidity for that trading pair is then combined and divided into two categories.

For example, it might happen that there are 300,000 BAT and $55,000 on the market. Uniswap would then take those two values and multiply them together to get a product of 165 billion.

No matter how many trades are made in this trading pair, Uniswap’s protocol, using an AMM called Constant Product Market Maker , will always adjust to ensure that the product remains at 165 billion. Assuming BAT equals “A,” USDC equals “B,” and product equals “K” whenever a user buys BAT, it adds USDC to the liquidity pool to maintain “K.”

The ratio between “A” and “B” is thus asymptotically related, which means that as traders take larger positions in “A”, profits in “B” decrease.

In this DEX Affiliate program, it is important to note that the price quoted is directly related to the size of the order. The further up the curve you go, the less return they get for their money.

Conversely, the liquidity created by simply aggregating all the pairs “flattens the depth of the order book,” according to Scalar Capital. Spreads also become much smaller for certain trading pairs, and traders don’t have to constantly manage their positions because there are fewer variables affecting price.


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Binance DEX – This is a decentralized exchange developed on top of Binance Chain, with low latency, high bandwidth, low fees and UX, similar to existing centralized exchanges.

According to Binance SEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the goal of the DEX platform was to realize “a reliable and transparent financial system that will bring a new level of freedom to the community by offering much more control over their own assets.”

Binance DEX affiliate program for asset trading offers a variety of tools and is also a native web-based paperbank for the blockchain of the same name. Through its interface, you can create new BNB wallets with the usual functionality of accepting/sending crypto assets. There is also support for interacting with the exchange via API.

Due to the fact that DEX is built on the Binance Chain network, which has high speed and load resistance, it can easily cope with the same trading volumes as the centralized marketplace.

Another important point is the recording of all trading and other transactions in blockchain, which creates a complete auditable register of transactions. Moreover, unlike centralized exchanges, you do not need to register on Binance DEX to get access to trading tools and funds acceptance/sending functions. All you need is to create a new BNB wallet.


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DYDX – This is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that runs on Ethereum and has no centralized trade management hub. On the platform you can exchange, borrow and use margin trading in assets and open-ended contracts.

dYdX affiliate program is the most popular platform for margin trading on the Ethereum network with up to 25X leverage. The platform is non-custodial, which means that all actions are performed without intermediaries, and the user does not need to trust anyone to store his funds. It is enough to connect your DeFi wallet and use all the functions of the exchange.

The platform provides traders with several promising DeFi strategies, including:

Short trades, which can be used to profit from falling prices. They are used both to hedge existing positions and to speculate.

Full-collateralized, low-collateralized loans. Enable token holders to earn interest.

DEX exchange dYdX is based on a hybrid approach pioneered by 0x – it helps create truly efficient markets. Market makers can sign and transmit orders outside the platform. And blockchain is used exclusively for settlement.

Like most DeFi financial products, dYdX is easy to use and develop, and its users’ assets are fully managed, run and stored by smart contract applications, as opposed to third-party escrow.

The dYdX decentralized trading platform is open source, transparent and free to use, and one of the most exciting features offered by its infrastructure is the ability to make peer-to-peer short sales and options transactions without trust on any ERC-20 assets.


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AtomicDEX – This is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange developed within the Komodo public blockchain. Transactions on the exchange take place thanks to atomic swap technology, which eliminates the need for third-party participation and reduces risk for counterparties.

According to the White Paper of the latest version of AtomicDEX, the exchange has now implemented support for Electrum-based SPV wallets in addition to dozens of “regular wallets.

Also, the current version of AtomicDEX affiliate program has a “Liquidity Multiplication” feature, which allows the same funds to be used for requests in multiple exchange directions, where the first executed order completes the transaction.

There are 15 cryptocurrencies on the exchange, but Atomic DEX supports trading any coin, if the developers connect it to the exchange through a special protocol.


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0x Protocol – This is a general purpose technology built on top of Ethereum. Projects from the game world, such as Gods Unchained, as well as projects in the DEX space use 0x to build their products. In fact, there are six known DEXs built on 0x. To understand how these exchanges work, you must first understand the architecture of the 0x platform.

0x offers centralized databases called Relayers to help improve Ethereum scaling problems. Relayers predetermine activity between users before interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. This could be, for example, order matching between traders.

The most famous DEX affiliate program on 0x is Radar Relay. It has over 165,000 trades with a volume of about $284 million since its launch. It is limited to trading ERC-20 tokens, has no KYC requirements (even though it is based in the United States) and does not charge for trading with Radar Relay.

There are other decentralized exchanges on the 0x network, such as UDEX, LedgerDEX, DDEX, Paradex, and ERC DEX. These Relayers typically operate as off-chain matching mechanisms to match orders. Once the order is executed, the transfer of digital assets takes place down the chain.

It should also be noted that each of the aforementioned Relayers can link to each other to increase the chances of order matching.

Transaction Example: A Buyer places a 0.5 ETH buy order on any of the Relayers of the 0x Protocol DEX. This Relayers passes the order to all other Relayers until it finds a match. After matching with the seller, the Relayer performs a smart contract exchange.


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Waves Exchange is a decentralized exchange of the Waves platform. It was launched in March 2017, becoming the flagship product of the project.

At Waves Exchange, all transactions are done via blockchain, and recent upgrades have increased the network’s throughput to hundreds of transactions per second.

For transactions, traders pay a fixed fee of 0.003 WAVES per order, regardless of transaction volume. If an order is not executed completely, then the trader must pay only a part of the commission, which is calculated proportionally. The commission is not charged for closing of the order.


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OpenLedger is a decentralized exchange that runs on the BitShares blockchain (BTS) and is part of an ecosystem. It includes HubDSP advertising technology, OBITS tokens and an ICO crowdfunding system.

Registered BitShares users automatically have an account on OpenLedger. This exchange is not among the most popular, but the project has already gained the support of such giants as IBM, Intel, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan.

The exchange gives an opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies, smartcoins (assets that are backed by real values), assets, stocks and fiat money.


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Airswap Protocol – Another DEX in the Ethereum family. It requires no identifying information for traders to start trading, and there is no commission to trade.

Airswap and 0x affiliate programs are very similar, but examining their differences will clarify the diversity of approaches to DEX. Like 0x, Airswap balances some off-chain activity for speed and security. Instead of repeaters, autonomous activity in Airswap is done with a lightweight detection engine for peer-to-peer nodes. This engine also ensures that there is real intent to buy and sell certain assets.

Once a trading partner is established, both parties agree on the price of the digital asset in question. If the price cannot be agreed upon, the parties must request an oracle. The Airswap white paper explains that “Oracle provides pricing information to help both buyer and seller make more informed pricing decisions and smooth the trade negotiation process.”

To prevent dishonest activity, each transaction asks users to lock in a stated number of Airswap tokens for a certain period of time. Only ERC-20-based tokens are eligible for trading on this platform (including Tether).


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Bancor – The Bancor exchange model is unique in that it does not require a second party to make transactions. Instead, users can exchange their ERC-20 token for their own Bancor smart network token. BNT owners can then exchange them for other ERC-20 tokens.

Any ERC-20 token can be stored in the Bancor protocol via a smart contract. This smart contract effectively acts as a reserve for the ERC token it holds. Since BNT is also compatible with Ethereum, its value is confirmed by every other ERC-20 token contained in various other smart contracts. The value of that token is automatically adjusted against those other tokens.

To know how much to give to a buyer or withdraw for a seller, the Smart Token constantly recalculates its price relative to each of its connected tokens in relation to the supply and demand of the Smart Token. The ultimate goal is to increase liquidity for small-cap tokens, which rarely find adequate markets on traditional exchanges.

Bancor DEX affiliate program also allows a direct exchange between two different tokens, such as an atomic exchange, but with an extra step. As an example, imagine that a user wants to exchange Tron for XRP. In the Bancor web app, users can select these two coins and connect the transaction to a wallet with TRX.

Bancor scales various smart contracts in search of one that contains TRX. After converting TRX to BNT, that BNT is then sold to another smart contract that contains XRP. At the end of the transaction, users receive the equivalent amount in XRP.

In addition, the scope of the Bancor project extends beyond exchange opportunities. BNT owners also enjoy management. Bancor also offers a grant program for developers and has the prospect of creating oracles for its BancorX cross-bridge.


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Kyber Network – This is a smart contract stack protocol that works on top of any blockchain. Unlike many of the other exchanges listed, Kyber is not an exchange per se and is suitable for handing out various tokens from a completely different perspective.

Registered reserves are liquidity providers who, once approved, can transfer their token pairs. Once transferred, these token pairs become available to recipients. It is not uncommon for the same pair of tokens to be offered by multiple reserves. In this case, Takers are quoted at the best rate to trade them.

It should also be noted that any number of entities can be participants, including a specific wallet address, DEX, DAO or dApp.

Here’s a clear example of how a trade can be executed on the Kyber Network. Taker searches for 1 ETH for a Brave Basic Attention token, and then queries the various reserves offering that deal to find the best price. Taker eventually stops at 820 BAT. This entire exchange is chain-based, but only available to blockchains that have smart contract capabilities.

KyberSwap DEX affiliate program also offers a native token called KNC. Token holders enjoy protocol-level management rights and also have the ability to participate in treasury funds for further development.


Today, decentralized exchanges are showing tremendous growth in trading cryptocurrency volumes. And this is no accident. Decentralized exchanges (DEX) do not require user verification, while providing a higher level of security for traders.

The key niche for decentralized exchanges is NOT meeting the needs of whales and professional traders, but ease of use for ordinary people.

However, DEX platforms have several disadvantages associated with limited capabilities. For example, the lack of features of centralized CEX exchanges, such as stop-loss and take-profit orders, leveraged trading, integration of mail services, and two-factor authentication via sms.

And in order to fully conduct and finalize a trade, both parties must be online. Moreover, users of many DEX exchanges face problems in the form of poor user interface and lack of technical support.


BITPAPA – I recommend you to use this P2P exchange service. It is very comfortable and safe.

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It has:

  • Phone verification
  • ID verification


  • 2-FA verification
  • E-mail verification
  • Anti-phishing word

You can buy crypto here also with your Bank Card.

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