YouTube announced an “educational player” and other new products

While all the details are not disclosed, but it seems that the video content giant has decided to seriously take up the field of education.

On September 8, YouTube announced several exciting projects for education next year. We tell you what to expect.

YouTube Player for Education

Unlike the usual YouTube Player, the YouTube Player for Education will have no ads, no third-party links and no recommendations. Simply put, anything that distracts from learning. It’s being created in partnership with major education players EDpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global, an online university.

The company has not yet specified when exactly the new player will appear and whether it will be paid. But the creators are confident that it will improve the experience for Google Classroom users (Google owns YouTube).

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Its own service Courses

According to the representatives of the company, starting next year, you will be able to launch your own courses on the platform – both for a fee and free. And those who make the purchase, apparently, will receive the standard privileges YouTube Premium – that is, the ability to watch videos without ads and “in the background” (in other words, subscribers will be free to switch to other tabs in the process of viewing).

The first users to appreciate the novelty will be from the U.S. and South Korea, with the list of countries that are to be expanded little by little in the future.

The new feature Quizzes

Creators of educational content on YouTube will soon be able to test users’ knowledge. In the “Community” they will be able to place quizzes and tests, thanks to the function Quizzes.

This novelty is promised to be tested in the coming months, but in the wide access it will be only in 2023.

In addition, YouTube has confirmed that its all-new education player will improve Google Classroom’s existing built-in YouTube player to give users an even better viewing experience.

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