How to make scheduled posts and stories on Instagram

Read the detailed instructions on how to make scheduled posts and stories in Instagram. The social network itself still has no special mechanics. But there are universal and convenient solutions.

There is no built-in function for scheduled posts in the Instagram app and on the site. But Facebook, which owns Instagram, offers two tools at once – Creator Studio and Business Suite, where this function exists.


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Creator Studio is the official tool for publishing content from Facebook. It’s simple: you need to go to your Instagram account, click on “Publish,” set a release date. That’s it, the post is off to the “future” Instagram affiliate marketing.

For delayed posting, your Instagram account must be switched to a business profile. To do this, go to Settings → Account → Change Account Type.

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Immediately link the page to Facebook: Edit Profile → Page → Create or Connect Page.

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Now proceed to delayed posting.

Step 1: Go to the Facebook Creator Studio homepage. Choose the tab to sign in to Instagram. You will need to enter your username and password on the new page.

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If you have Facebook and Instagram pages linked together, sign in through Facebook – that way you can send posts to both social networks.

Step 2: Click “Create a post” and choose “Instagram feed.”

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Step 3: Create a post. Add a photo or upload several at once to make a carousel. There’s no built-in editor, but you can mark an account and crop images to 1:1, 1.91:1, and 4:5 formats.

You can add geotagging to the post.

The maximum amount of text is 2200 characters. You can make 30 mentions and place 30 hashtags. All indents and paragraphs will be saved – there is no need to use services to create invisible spaces.

In the advanced settings you can disable comments for the post and write alternative text for uploaded images.

Step 4: Make a scheduled post. Click on the arrow near the “Publish” button and select “Scheduled Post”. Set the time and day.

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Pending post can’t be released immediately to the feed – the minimum time is +10 minutes from the current one. Scheduling for later dates is not limited. You can specify any day and time.

As a result the deferred post will appear in the profile exactly on the specified date, with all the tags and paragraph breakdown in the text.

Pending post is no different from the one published from the app.


You can see all the posts in the “Content Library” section – planned publications will be at the top of the list. In the same section you can see the number of likes and comments for each post that went out on the account.

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Creator Studio has a publication calendar – it’s a visual content plan. You can edit or reschedule a scheduled post – this helps you to flexibly change the order in which posts are published.

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In the Statistics section, you can view the audience and study the dynamics of likes and coverage. The data is available for a week and a month and does not differ in any way from the statistics from the app.

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Creator Studio has apps for iOS and Android, but scheduled posting is only available for Facebook. If you want to do pending Instagram posts from your phone, you’ll need to install Business Suite.

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