7 Best Services for Copywriters to Work with Texts

Working with text can be time-consuming. Each publication must not only be proofread, but also checked for errors and typos.

It is especially difficult when it comes to an article for a blog or a post on a social network, because it is important not just to write literate, but also lively text, without clichés and stamps.

Various services for copywriters and extensions for improving the quality of your text can help you in your affiliate marketing. Virtual assistants will evaluate your material and help you to bring it to perfection.


copywriting service

It was inspired by the American writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway. His author’s style is based on minimalism in narration, consistency and easy readability.

This service for copywriters helps to make the text easy to understand, clear and devoid of unnecessary word constructions. This is ideal for checking posts on Instagram, where every character counts and must carry a semantic load.

Suitable Hemingway App and for editing news articles, journalistic summaries, news.

The app finds:

  • Common errors;
  • Sentences that are too long and difficult to understand;
  • Complex constructions that can be simplified;
  • Long words that have short counterparts;
  • Sentences that can confuse the reader;
  • Passive voice, which is not always appropriate in context;
  • Loss of the logical chain.

In addition the service will assess the readability of the text and give it a grade. All comments are highlighted in different colors, and if you want you can edit them immediately and check the corrected version.

The Hemingway App service for copywriters helps to compress text as much as possible without losing its essence. If you have strict limitations on the number of words and characters, or you are preparing a selling post, with its help you will be able to write the most effective post.

Price: The online version of the app is completely free to use. And if you want to download the special Hemingway App to your computer, you will need to pay $19.99 once.

In the paid program you can save and export texts (available formats: PDF, Word, HTML, Markdown), run “deep” check.


copywriting service

If you need a quick and easy way to check your text for errors, use OnlineCorrection copywriting service. You don’t have to subscribe to it or install the program on your computer. You simply insert your text in the check box and click “Send”.

In general, the functionality is very simple, the service will help find grammar and spelling errors and automatically corrects all errors.

The corrector helps to work with different dialects: British, American, Australian, South African and New Zealand English.

Price: free.


copywriting service

A professional word processing assistant. The creators of the service for copywriters position their product as a “grammar guru, style editor and writing tutor in one package.”

With ProWritingAid, you can:

  • Remove repetitions;
  • Check text for spelling and grammatical errors;
  • Identify established clichés and replace them with better constructions;
  • Check the text according to the Oxford Lexical Combinability Dictionary;
  • Find variations of synonyms for words;
  • Better learn the language and learn how to write really great texts;
  • Improve your writing craft;
  • Gain access to a library of books useful to writers;
  • Run your text through the “anti-plagiarism” system.

The text is checked in real time, the editor immediately warns you if you began to “move” in the wrong direction. This saves a lot of time, because it is better to understand the error immediately, than to make an illiterate sentence with it and then rewrite a large volume of text.

For convenience, you can open access to the text assistant while working in MS Word, Google Docs and Chrome, then all the edits can be seen, working in the usual text editor.

In order for the service for copywriters to give recommendations suitable for a particular text, you can specify in advance the style of writing: business, academic, creative, technical, text for web resources.

Another feature of the service: regular reports. The system analyzes your texts and sends you constructive criticism aimed at helping you understand your mistakes and improve your writing. You will be able to see a visual accompaniment in the form of diagrams for each of your work.

This service for copywriters essentially replaces every possible editor and analysis application. It will be equally useful for authors, journalists, bloggers, writers, editors, translators, students and copywriters.

Price: there is a free online version, with a maximum of 500 words per check, available online only, limited functionality.

Premium Plus subscription is available at:

  • $70 for one year;
  • $100 for two years;
  • $140 for three years;
  • $240 for a lifetime subscription.


copywriting service

Ginger is an extension with punctuation, grammar and spell checker functionality.

Extension that combines mobile keyboard, translator and editor to check punctuation, grammar, spelling errors, word selection dictionary and synonyms. There is a very handy function “paraphrasing sentences” – the utility itself will change the construction of the text and give its improved solution.

There is also a dictionary that helps you to quickly learn the meaning of a word and find the appropriate synonyms for it.

Ginger can be installed as an extension for Safari and Chrome browsers, or as a program on your smartphone. Ginger Keyboard is not yet available for iOS devices, but you can download and install it for free on Android. The mobile version offers a handy mobile keyboard for writing texts, and it has a built-in proofreader for English.

In general, it is a good utility, perfectly copes with spell-checking texts in English. With its help you can improve the material and make it easy to read and comprehend.

Price: free.



This service for copywriters is perfect for optimizing texts in English. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

So, in SmallSEOTools you will have the following functions:

  • Word counting in the text. In addition to words, the built-in checker will count you the number of sentences, syllables, characters with and without spaces, show statistics on long and short words and even give you an approximate time to read.
  • Check for plagiarism. Service determines the uniqueness of each individual fragment. You get the opportunity to check where exactly the text from your work occurs. Checking limit is 1 000 words.

Price: free. You can check the text without registration.


copywriting service

This service for copywriters works both as a web-corrector and as an extension. To install it on Google Chrome, look for “Grammarly for Chrome” in extensions, for Mozilla Firefox install “Grammarly for Firefox by Grammarly”.

The service will detect:

  • Missing and superfluous articles;
  • Punctuation, grammar and spelling errors;
  • Common typos and errors like “it’s instead of itis”.

Grammarly won’t just help you find mistakes, it will explain them and point out options for correcting them. You can agree with them and make edits, or reject them.

Price: free.

There’s a paid premium subscription for $11.66 (747 rubles) or $29.95 (1,919 rubles) per month, depending on the package you choose. It expands the functionality of the application by adding 250 rules to help you make an in-depth test of the text, as well as the ability to choose the category and style of the test (post to the blog, the text for the e-mail, etc.).

The premium subscription also gives you access to an anti-plagiarism system that checks 16 billion web pages.


copywriting service

An online service for copywriters that helps you improve your text and master the rules of English writing.

It has several useful features for the writer:

  • Word count (English texts are paid by the number of words, not by the number of characters).
  • Standard checking package: grammar, spelling, punctuation.
  • Help in mastering the English language (dictionary of words and synonyms).
  • Checking essays for schoolchildren and students, identifying mistakes for which points can be deducted from the final grade.
  • Length of sentences counted.
  • Identifying errors in the use of tenses, the order of adverbs, incorrectly coordinated pronouns, verb and adjective, errors in the use of gerunds and infinitives.

During the editing process, Virtual Writing Tutor will help you improve your proofreading skills. To do this, you can open the Correction Game section. Here you can test your abilities by choosing a timed essay task. After the timer stops, the artificial intelligence will evaluate your writing. If you want, you can also test your vocabulary and your habit of “speaking” in stamps and clichés.

This is one of the best services for copywriters for learning English writing. Here you will not just tweak your text, but also tighten your skills and test yourself on your language skills.

Price: free.

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