Split testing in affiliate marketing

Split testing in affiliate marketing is something that helps you understand which offer or CPA network you should pick. By distributing your traffic to various destinations, in the end you’ll see the one that performs better. This is one of the keystones of affiliate marketing.

Well, it is OK when talking about various offers, but what about CPA networks? Does it really make sense two test the same product in a certain amount of networks? By doing this you spend more budget funds, you have to direct the traffic to a couple of networks and your payouts will be split between several places.

But in the end your visitors will reach the same place. For newbie affiliates it definitely sounds like something insane. However, there is a couple of reasons why this kind of testing is really an essential thing.

What will the split testing of affiliate marketing programs show you?

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As an intermediate level between you and advertisers, networks have a certain influence on conversion flow. In affiliate marketing it usually works in the following way:

1. Visitors see a banner and decide to click on it.

2. They’re sent to affiliate’s tracking tool.

3. Then your visitors are directed to the landing page.

4. If they also make a click here, they’re directed to the network tracking.

5. In the end visitors are sent to the destination page.

If we talk about CPA networks, only two last steps does matter. This part influence your conversion and split testing in affiliate marketing campaigns will show you how. There are several things, which influence the networks’ performance.

Why CPA networks show different results even with the same offer?

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There are a lot of networks you can find in the world of affiliate marketing. There are several reasons why you should work with ones and omit the others. They’re the following:

  1. Some CPA networks work with advertisers better than others, so they get privileges like higher payouts, better funnels, special landing pages etc. If the relations between advertisers and the network are good, you’ll also win from this. All the privileges you’ll get will help you to fight the competition and receive higher profits in the end.
  2. The other thing your split testing in affiliate marketing can show is how does the network work with the traffic you send. They might use their own tools for tracking or get them somewhere else. In every case the loading speed might be significantly different. And as you know, a rather big delay often makes the visitors just close the page they’re directed to.
  3. All CPA networks have a certain fee rate that they charge from you. Some of them set way higher rates than the average ones in the market. In most cases it doesn’t mean you’ll get some privileges. They just want to earn more, so you’d better work with networks that have bearable rates.
  4. There are certain affiliate programs that might be not fair with you. In order to increase their profits they can somehow change the statistics. As you understand, where they get more you’ll lose. That’s another reason why it’s crucial to choose reliable networks to work with.
  5. The quality of traffic is a very important thing for advertisers. If it’s low, the networks which deliver it may receive lower payouts. In the end it can result in lower profits for you too. It’s really important whether networks monitor the quality of traffic they deliver to advertisers.

I recommend you to use these CPA Networks to earn:

Affiliate marketing is a competitive sphere where you can find various CPA networks and programs.

The same offer may work in a very different way depending on the one you work with, so it’s crucial for you to find a network that will give the best conditions for you.

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