How to improve the CTR and Conversion


How to improve the CTR and conversion rate, which are two keystones of a successful campaign? That’s the question every affiliate marketer faces when trying to do a good landing page. It might sounds not very complicated, but in real life you have to do a decent amount of work to reach even a slight improvement.


So, landing pages are your personal online sellers and there are two main indicators of their efficiency: CTR and CVR. Keeping them both high is a key to your success.


Tips how to improve the CTR and Conversion rate of your landing pages


The first problem you’ll meet is that your two main indicators actually work against each other. If the first is high, then the second will be low. In turn, when the second grows hugely, the first descends with the same power. It sometimes seems that a good CVR is enough, but that’s not true.


Let’s pick such example: the CTR is 3% and CVR is 30%.


If you have 1000 users, only 9 of them will convert in this case. Now The CTR is 20% and CVR is 15%. This time you get 30 conversions, which is greater than with twice higher CVR. As you can see, the number of clicks does matter in the same way as the conversion rate.


It’s obvious that only a part of visitors who made a click will convert. The average percentage for different verticals may vary. You’ll definitely figure out the approximate numbers when working with concrete market segments. That’s clear, but how to improve the CTR and conversion rate to reach at least average market level or more? Lets start with the CTR.


The things you should know about CTR

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The CTR index shows how many of your visitors were “hooked” by your landing page and clicked the CTA (call to action) element. All these “caught” visitors may convert after that. There is a couple of things that matter when talking about the CTR index including the following:


  • headline;
  • sales pitch;
  • images;
  • CTA;
  • page layout.


Strong headline is the first one that should catch your visitors.


It has to be short and clear, situated right in the center on the top of the page. A good idea is to use large font and capital letters. If the headline is weak, there is a high possibility that the visitors won’t look on anything else. Do not forget you have only few seconds to hook the potential customer.


Sales pitch or angle is something that persuades people to click. Note that the more CTR it produces, the least CVR will be. It happens when you promise a lot and then visitors come to the real product, which is absolutely opposite to the one you’ve described. Finding balance is a crucial thing here. You have to catch the visitors’ interest, but keeping in touch with reality at the same time.


It often happens that people better respond to images than to words, no matter how good the text part is.


That’s why good images is one of the things that will tell you how to improve the CTR and conversion rate. They should be high quality and always related to the topic. No one will convert if you promise something like iPhone or last Samsung Galaxy and then the visitors will see cheap replica phones.


The best idea is not to take someone’s images, but to make your own. Use screenshots when promoting games from Affiiate Networks and high resolution images when you try to sell any tangible goods. Always try be creative. Like headline or sales pitch, images are aimed to catch the visitors’ interest, persuade them make a click and the final action in the end.


CTA or call to action is the button or the link that directs your visitors to the final page where they’re supposed to convert. It should be clear and bright, you can also add some animation effects like blinking. Again, everything is about people’s attention. The other important thing is that CTA should be visible everywhere on the page. If the page is long, add more CTA elements, so that visitors see them after scrolling.


The page layout also has a significant influence on your visitors behavior.


No one likes to see a total mess, even on the web page. Manage all the images, headline, sales pitch, CTA and other elements in some logical order. Everything has to be clear, neat and structured.


All the mentioned parts of the landing page are important to have good CTA. Lets sum up all the aforesaid in a couple of short statements. The things you need are:


  1. Strong and clear headline that will catch the visitors.
  2. Bright and noticeable CTA above the page’s fold.
  3. High resolution, related to the topic and unique images.
  4. Good page structure.


And what about conversion?

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Everything is clear now about CTA, but the question is how to improve the CTR and conversion rate, so lets move to the second index. Here we’ll talk about such crucial for good CVR things:


  • consistent approach;
  • sales pitch;
  • right approach to the visitors;
  • loading speed.


Being consistent in this case mainly means that you do not promise anything that visitors won’t see in the final offer page. For example, if you’re promoting some family vehicles from CPA Networks, you shouldn’t use images with Ferrari or Aston Martin. These sport cars look very captivating and you have great chances to get many clicks, but when the visitors will reach the offer page, they’ll feel being fooled.


After that, everything you can expect is a 0% conversion. Consistence is not only about what you say or show, it’s also about how you do that. In terms of this it would be a great idea to use the same design for your landing page as the destination page has. Identical colors, similar graphics and layout – all that will create a kind of connection between the two pages.


Now we’ll come back to sales pitch for a moment. It is one of the keystone things on your landing page that will tell you how to improve the CTR and conversion rate. We’re done with the first, so lets talk about the second one. If your headline and images are good, then you’ll definitely catch the visitors’ attention. After that, the sales pitch starts to work.


There is a couple of goals you should reach here. First, you have to define the problem and show, how the product you promote is able to solve it. Second, try to create the feeling that the thing is scarce and they can get it only here and now. Third, persuade your visitors that they’re the best candidates for the product and it was designed specially for them.


To reach all the mentioned goals you can use two approaches. The first one is to use a review style, which means you make a full description of the product and talk a lot about pros trying to omit most cons. The second approach is definitely a bad thing, but still, affiliates do use it to promote some products and services. It’s to tell the lies and scare the visitors with some big troubles concerning their health, computers, mobile devices etc. And then come up with the solution only you can offer. You can often observe such approach in the utility boost apps advertising campaigns.

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The third thing that can increase your CVR is a personal approach to the visitors. To do that, use the info you have about them. It can be age, sex, mobile carrier, name, city, device type etc. Make a “special” offer for a concrete group of people (like iPhone users from London). Most people respond much better when they think the offer is specially for them.


The other tip is to boost your landing page. It includes fast host, some work with source code optimization and using only necessary graphic effects.


There is the fifth possible way how to improve the CTR and conversion rate. It’s to copy the design and contents from other landing pages. Not the best approach, but still, it is used by some affiliates. Even if you decide to try it, don’t do everything the same. Leave the best solutions and add your own creative ideas to this. There is always a room for improvement!


Again, lets sum up all the mentioned methods in a few short statements:


  1. Use a consistent approach to your landing pages.

  2. Work with the sales pitch to make it look like a piece of tasty pie.

  3. Personal approach is the best way to get the visitors’ favor.

  4. Make sure the page loads fast.

  5. Use only the unique content.


Good CTR and CVR will be the key to a successful campaign. You should learn how to reach the balance and keep them both high. Don’t rip landing pages, try to find your own way to success. It’s all about being creative. That’s what will lead you to high quality landing pages in the end.

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