Adult Traffic Broker ClickPapa


Adult Traffic Broker ClickPapa and its Affiliate Program will be a great choice to cooperate with, read review. It gives you plenty of possible variants to earn money as an affiliate.


It’s a perfect traffic source for dating, webcams and sponsored offers. ClickPapa was founded in 2013 in Hungary. It operates on its own platform, which is very comfortable to work with. Lets take a close look on it to understand why it is so useful for any affiliate campaigns.


Making money with Adult Traffic Broker ClickPapa

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It’s very easy to work with this Traffic Network. There is a couple of steps you should follow to tune your campaign here. First, go to the admin panel. Fill all the necessary fields to create the advertising campaign. On this stage you’ll also choose the ads format. Then you have to set your budget.


The best decision will be to focus on minimal bids. After that, you just upload your landing page and ad creatives, targeted on Adult Traffic.

adult traffic

They may have the following sizes:


  • 160×600,
  • 300×100,
  • 300×250,
  • 728×90.


This Adult Traffic Broker ClickPapa by their Affiliate Program sets $100 minimum deposit sum for advertisers. You can top up you balance using various payment systems, including PayPal and Wire Transfer.




Marketplace is a perfect source of traffic for those, who want to make profit on Affiliate Marketing. It gives you numerous options to choose, so you’ll definitely find what you want.

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Marketplace section offers you different types of Adult Traffic, with a division, based on ads formats, placements, GEOs, categories and niches. Such approach makes it possible to buy only the traffic that will surely lead to high conversion rates.



How to tune your website?

The first step is to choose the ad format, which will be shown on the site. Then, select the ads’ size and the part of the website, where they’ll be placed. A great option here is to set a minimum CPM Adult Traffic price. After that, you give a traffback link and your domain, save all the settings and receive a code, which you should insert into your website.

adult traffic

Adult Traffic Broker ClickPapa sets a $50 minimum payout level with the ability to get money once a week. You can use PayPal, Paxum or Wire Transfer for that.


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