How to Monetize your Web-site with Kadam Ad Network

What to replace Adsense: such reviews of affiliate programs have always been and remain as relevant as possible. We are talking about the versatility of advertising, the stability of earnings and the cost of paying for clicks.

This serves as a powerful impetus for the development of new platforms for monetizing sites and activating old ones.

The latter have increased the list of allowed topics, lowered the entry threshold, expanded advertising tools, and added convenient means of payment for the withdrawal of earnings. This includes cryptocurrencies.


At the moment it should be seen as an alternative to Adsense, as the affiliate program Mgid once was. The latter has become unprofitable and inconvenient for many for a number of reasons.

affiliate program

It should be said that a full-fledged monetization of sites can and should only be comprehensive. MFA (made for Adsense) websites are no longer as it was 10-15 years ago.

Therefore, experimenting with the use of different advertising formats from several advertising networks has become normal practice among website owners to monetize.

If we take (conventionally) the standard monetization scheme, the list of formats used would be the following:

Adsense (where it is allowed and possible) or an alternative network with contextual advertising;

– Push Notifications and In-Page pushes;

– Native Ads;

– Banners;

– Video (preroll as basic);

– Direct links in menu items that lead to individual online stores or products in CPA networks.

And popunder (popup, clickunder) for adult and entertainment sites. Also Interstitial ads in some instances.


affiliate program

Adult and Mainstream.

– Push Notifications

– Popunder

– Video Ads (VAST)

– In-Page

– Banner

The minimum amount is 10 dollars.

Periodicity of payments – Net 7.

Payment systems – Bitcoin, Tether USDT TRC20, ERC20, Paypal, Capitalist, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire transfer.


Adult and Mainstream.

– Desktop banners

– Native banners

– VAST (Preroll)

– Push Notifications

– Direct Link

– Social Bar

– Popunder

Minimum amount depends on payment system. Standard from $100.

Periodicity of payments – Net 15

Payment systems – Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney, WireTransfer, Tether (TRC20, ERC20).


Adult and Mainstream.

– Instant Text Message,

– Banner,

– Video Ads,

– Push Notifications,

– InPage Push,


– Onclick (popunder)

Frequency of payments – Net 7-15.

Payment systems – from $50 for Webmoney, Paxum and PayPal. From $150 for crypto and from $1000 for wire.


– Push notifications

– In-page pushes

– Popunder

– Native Ads

Supports automatic redemption of Push subscriptions: as soon as a subscription is made, money is added to the balance.

You can add a bunch of sites with a single code.

For volumes – individual rates.

Minimum amount – $25

Periodicity of payments – Net 7.

Payment systems – Bitcoin, Capitalist, Qiwi, Yoomoney, PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, Webmoney, Payoneer, Neteller, Bank Wire, Visa/Mastercard.


Now it already works not only with teasers but also with other formats for site monetization.

– Banners, aka teasers, aka display ads;

– Native SDK;

– Push notifications;

– Clickunder.

The bids are walking because advertisers are using Real-Time Bidding technology – selling and buying ad impressions according to the real-time auction principle.

A standard story that benefits site owners and platform owners. Advertisers – not so much, if we talk about money as numbers, but it gives the same opportunity (or rather – forced) to bid “more” to get “better”.

And since RTB is now used everywhere, this point can be omitted altogether.

Available banner sizes (teasers or native ads, as an alternative to Adsense, moved into the same category: there are all the settings – a few pages of scrolling screen). Want banners – put 1 horizontally and 1 vertically, want teasers (native ads) – experiment as you like.

affiliate program
affiliate program

Language of promo materials is pulled up automatically by visitor’s ipi and browser language.

Videos (prerolls) are announced on the main page, but are not supported at the moment (May 11, 2023). It is likely to come back again, or maybe with friends on other ad formats.

Native SDK differs from other formats in that the site owner is in charge of placing and displaying the ad unit on the page himself.

To use the Native SDK you need to plug the library into the site by placing the library call code in the < head > block of your site, and set the variable with the advertising domain. Issued on request to a support team.

Push notifications (royalties on revshare 80%) and clickander – here everything is standard: we put the code and start count the money.


Requirements for sites from the affiliate program of the Kadam advertising network:

Attendance – at least 500 unique hosts in the last 2 weeks.

Site requirements:

– Wrapping services and BUX;

– Websites for students and schoolchilds, finished homework resources etc.;

– Adult sites (availible for clickunder and push formats only);

– Prohibited by the law of the country where the traffic is bought services and goods (drugs, prostitution, etc.)

Add a site and confirm it.

After moderation and approving you can choose and configure the ad unit with the desired format.

affiliate program

Then your sites and statistics on them can be viewed by parameters:

– Block impressions;

– Number of clicks;

– CTR;

– Revenue;

– Subscriptions;

– Subscriptions.

Frequency of payments – once a week.

Minimum amount – $15.

Payment systems – Paxum, Webmoney (wmz), USDT TRC20. Paypal and Wire – under the agreement.

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