Affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic


Affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic is something that will help you use it in a right way and get the highest conversion rate possible. This kind of traffic has both pros and cons, so let’s look at it a bit closer.


The first thing to start with is to understand how it all works in online marketing. Popup traffic is a certain amount of visitors that clicked on popup advertisement. As an affiliate marketer, you can buy it to make money using this traffic. How to do that? This is the first thing the affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic will tell you.


Let’s presume you’ve found a good source of traffic and bought some. What’s next? Your goal is to transform it into leads, which is something you’ll be paid for by advertisers. The idea is to find a perfect match between your traffic and chosen offers. You can also use landing pages to heat up the visitors’ interest to the product you’re going to promote.


These visitors should commit a certain action (sign up, make a purchase, fill the form etc), then you’ll be paid for it. An affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic will help you to get as many conversions as possible, and to earn more money as a marketer.


Affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic: all you need to know

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Popup traffic is a kind of pop traffic. It stands for the visitors who have clicked on the appropriate ad type. This kind of advertisements (look at TRAFFIC BROKERS) appears just above the main page, which is usually rather annoying for users. At the same time, it’s barely possible not to click, so it’s a good way to get a lot of potential customers. That’s the second tip from this affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic.


You should definitely know that popup traffic is not the only type of pop traffic. There is also popunder one. It’s formed by visitors who click on popunder ads. Such advertisements appear as a new page, which is covered by the main one. It’s not annoying for users, still, they might not even notice the page. That’s make it all less effective than popup traffic.


There is one more thing you should know about, except popups and popunders. The third point in this affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic is about redirects. This is a pop-based type. When the user click somewhere on the page, he’s redirected to advertiser’s website and the initial page is closed. That’s not the best way to engage the visitors. Still, the method is used by some online marketers.


Is the source of traffic important?


The answer is “Yes”, of course. Different sources deliver popup traffic of different quality, that you can use for Mainstream and Adult Traffic Arbitrage. Your goal is to find the one that is able to deliver decent volumes and guarantee high quality.


This is the third tip for marketers from this affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic. It might be not an easy thing to find a good source. Before choosing one, try to find as much info about it as possible. Also, don’t forget about testing.


Popup traffic main characteristics

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There are several things you definitely have to know about this kind of traffic:


  1. It’s really cheap. It’s not a problem to get 1000 visitors for several dollars. This is a great way to work with high volumes and rather low budget, which is one more tip for you from affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic.


  1. Marketers are able to get traffic from any GEO they want.


  1. Popups are intrusive. People mostly don’t want to see them, cause they hide the main page.


  1. This type of traffic can offer you tons of visitors. You can obtain as much as you want. There won’t be any lack surely.


  1. The conversion rate is not very high here. It’s so, cause ads are usually annoying and often don’t match the main page’s topic.


  1. You don’t need extra ads. The link is everything you’ll require.


The last tip from affiliate marketing guide to popup traffic is that you definitely need a quality landing page, if you want to work with this kind of traffic. It’ll help you to soften the level of visitors’ annoyance, engage them and get a lot of conversions in the end.

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