Buy Crypto Traffic and Monetize Crypto Web-sites with Bitmedia

Crypto woke up after hibernation and is steadily going up, so the request “buy crypto traffic” is becoming more and more relevant. Here is a review of Bitmedia ad network for buying and selling crypto traffic.

The platform is quite extensive, so a cup of tea/coffee and something to go with it should be enough for you to read.

Technically, on any exchange for advertisers in the topics you can find a filter for cryptocurrencies. But sites in this category usually come from financial and near-financial, which means that it is assumed that the audience there is closest to the requested one.

When it comes to specialized crypto traffic ad networks like Bitmedia, it is certainly possible there as well. But still, site moderation is at a different level, so the chance of buying thematic traffic here will be higher.


First, I will consider an affiliate from the role of a publisher. Perhaps you will find it interesting in this way.

Actual advertising formats from this affiliate program.

traffic arbitrage

If you compare it with usual multi-format platforms, there are more restrictions and requirements.

  • Banners must be placed in the first window and published without change;
  • Combining with banners from other systems is prohibited;
  • The maximum number per scroll – 3 banners;
  • No adult content on the site.

Pre-moderation of sites is available. May request access to Google Analytics.

The minimum amount for payment is $30.

Payment systems – Bitcoin.

Commission at the expense of the publisher.

Frequency of payments – on request.


Now let’s move on to the most interesting thing, namely the review of Bitmedia crypto traffic exchange in the role of the advertiser for paid traffic arbitrage.

Advertising formats to run:

  • Text ads,
  • Responsive ads,
  • Image ads,
  • HTML5 ads.

Click on “Ad new campaign” to start the ad campaign.

traffic arbitrage

And fill in the fields, selecting payment per clicks or per impressions, as well as setting daily limits.

traffic arbitrage
traffic arbitrage

In the advanced options you can select one of the targeting options.

traffic arbitrage

We choose in the last item (which is reasonable) the desired geo, narrow topics, operating systems, language, devices, browsers.

traffic arbitrage
traffic arbitrage
traffic arbitrage

In the last step, we choose the format and upload the creatives, then send them for uprooting.

traffic arbitrage

Ways to make a deposit – Cards USD and Bitcoin.

The minimum deposit amount is 100 bucks and 50 bucks, respectively. Although, it does not make sense to deposit bitcoin in a smaller amount, because of the fee for the calculation.


First, about the role of the publisher. The requirements are more stringent than in the universal affiliate programs for monetizing sites.

You can use Bitmedia or alternative, as you will be useful.

Now about advertisers.




Where else can you buy crypto traffic – Ad Network:

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