Capico Trading Platform review: how to make money on crypto in 2023

Capico is a smart-trading platform with wonder functionality. Essentially, Capico allows traders trading on cryptocurrency exchanges to perform the same transactions through the Capico terminal, only much more efficiently and easily.

Capico trading platform works with spot markets of cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, OKX, Exmo, Huobi, Bybit, FTX. Separate connections for Binance margin and futures markets are implemented.

Also at this Affiliate program you can trade futures, set up trading bots and grid trading.


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Before we get into the technical details, let’s look at the key advantages of the Capico platform:

  • Secure, reliable platform with an intuitive interface, compatible with the most popular and highly liquid exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Exmo, Huobi, Bybit, FTX.
  • Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop, Breakeven (after the first Take Profit is reached) can be set up in advance to make a limit buy order.
  • Pending Buy Trigger Orders, where funds are not frozen and can be used for other purchases.
  • User-friendly graphical and tabular display of information about the portfolio, PnL (portfolio profitability) trade statistics, potential profit and loss when triggered on take profit and stop loss orders in percent and dollars.
  • Modify orders directly on the chart.
  • Channel bot.
  • Auto Take Profit: allows you to move the Take Profit order to the level of the previous buy (for long trades) or the previous sell (for short trades). You can also choose the percentage of deviation, if you want to close the position above or below this level.
  • Designer mode (Drag&Drop interface). Now you can customize the workspace of the terminal as you see fit. The deal creation and editing form are located in one window.
  • Trade mode without confirmations. Creation, cancellation, switching off transactions, as well as quick sale or redemption on the market do not require additional confirmation from the trader.
  • Instant notifications via Telegram and mail about all trading operations (buy and sell orders triggering, stop losses, take profit, triggers, etc.).
  • Built-in chart from TradingView with free included paid indicator “visible range volume profile”.
  • Free demo account.
  • Mobile version of the platform.

Chart is an interactive tool, which allows traders to create, configure, and remove bots with ease.

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The pending order (breakout order) allows you to make a deal to buy or sell in the future when a certain price is reached. As long as this price is not reached, the order is not sent to the stock market and is on hold, while not blocking funds on the trading account. After the necessary price is reached, the transaction will be executed by a market order.

On the platform, a pending buy order can only be placed at a price above the current market price and a sell order below.

The pending orders can be useful at “trading on news” when strong movement of the price in any side is expected, or at breakdown of strong resistance or support levels.

Big knowledge base. Also videos on Youtube.

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On the platform, you can create a smart deal not only when you buy a coin, but also add it to any asset that has already been bought or just appeared in your portfolio (for example, after a deposit).

After you have set the necessary parameters, the system will only place this order in the Deal window with the status of purchase and will monitor the occurrence of the specified values in order to execute the order to sell. Actually no purchase is performed at the moment of deal creation, since it has already been performed before.

The terminal not only has a function to add a smart deal when you buy an asset, but also when you sell it. This can be useful when the price is falling and you want to sell an asset now to buy it back cheaper. In this case, the Stop Loss and Take Profit values will be set mirror to the case with buying. That is, SL should be higher than the selling price, and TP, respectively, lower.

Sorting by Deal Status with the following parameters is now available in the Terminal section of the Deals window:

In active trades:

  • Active
  • Pending
  • Order placed

In History:

  • Closed at Stop Loss
  • Closed at Take Profit
  • Closed manually
  • Turned off/cancelled
  • Error

When you click on any currency pair, the system will display data on it in the order creation window, in the Depth of Market and on the chart. To make the selection of a specific pair easier, you can use the search function in the table header.

Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters (including staircase and trailing steps) can be changed in active trades at any time by clicking on the corresponding values.

There are buttons in the last column of each row:

  • Turn off smart trade. The deal will be moved from the active to the history and it will have all the above parameters turned off.
  • Sell at market. The order will close at the current market price in the specified currency.


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The channel bot is an automated trading algorithm that allows you to make buy and sell trades on the boundaries of a given price channel.

The key features of the bot are:

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Stop Loss limiter and ability to restart automatically.
  • Does not block funds at the moment of waiting for purchase (delayed start function).
  • Allows you to earn during “slack” in the market
  • You can create an unlimited number of bots on one currency pair


Before you start trading on a real account, we recommend you to master the platform functionality and practice trading on a demo account, which provides $10,000.

Trading on demo account is a full imitation of real trading.


After mastering the platform with a demo account, you can move on to real trading. To connect an exchange you trade on to Capico, such as Binance or Huobi, follow these steps:

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  1. Create an API key on the exchange.
  1. Edit the restrictions of the created API key.
  1. Go to Capico and click on the “Add Exchange” plus button.
  1. Enter the previously generated API keys and click “Ok”.
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Trading in Capico with API keys is safe, because of the restrictions on the key it is not possible to withdraw funds from the exchange without user intervention, and all data is reliably protected by encryption. We also recommend two-factor authentication.

More information about connecting cryptocurrency exchanges to Capico terminal can be found in the official Capico instructions.


1. To manage trades, go to the “Terminal” section in the left panel. The terminal looks as follows:

2. Select a trading pair in the window in the right corner, for example BTC/USDT.

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3. Select the type of order to buy the asset, for example, a limit order, as well as the amount of asset or the amount in USDT, and press the “Buy” button. When confirming the order opening, you can specify a comment on the deal.

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The chart will show the created order with the marked buy price, and information about the deal will be displayed in the box below the chart.

4. When you click on the coin in the deals window in the upper right panel there will be an opportunity to preset additional parameters of the deal. Let’s go to the deal settings and set the following parameters in advance:

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  • Trigger – when the trigger price is reached, the Capico platform will automatically create a limit order to buy the asset at the specified price. You can set the trigger by clicking on the plus sign on the right side of the “Entry Price” field.
  • This is very useful as it allows you to avoid freezing your available funds as you would do when creating a limit order. If there are not enough free funds at the time of the trigger, the order will be automatically canceled.
  • Stop-loss – when reached it will automatically create a limit order to sell at the specified price.
  • Take-profit – a limit order to sell the asset. It is possible to place several orders of this type, specifying in each of them, what % of the position must be sold at a specified price.
  • Boo (Breakeven) – this option is set when setting take profit orders. When the boo function is enabled, when the first take profit is reached, a stop loss will be automatically set at the level of entering the trade.

All trades created in Capico are displayed in a very convenient and clear way on the chart, and orders can be moved with the mouse directly on the chart (or on the screen of your smartphone).

Also in the order window you can immediately estimate the potential profit and loss in dollars and percent, and stop-loss and take-profit can be set in advance even before the purchase of the asset, which will allow you to fix profit in time and minimize the risks.

5. Active trades can be edited at any time, and each trade can be given its own personal settings, such as take profit and other parameters.

As an example, let’s create one more deal on LINK/USDT coin, but with different parameters.

6. After creation of the second deal, both deals will be displayed on the chart:

The information on the created deals can be viewed in the tabular form in the window with active deals, and by clicking on the specific deal you can go to its settings. You can cancel the deal by clicking on the cross on the right side of the deal or by clicking on the appropriate icon on the chart.

7. The information on the portfolio can be viewed in the “Portfolio” section on the left panel.

8. The “Statistics” section displays PnL data for the selected period.

9. Setting up trade notifications.

To set up notifications of buying, selling, triggering of stop-loss orders, triggers, go to the account settings, tick the Telegram and Email columns and click the “Connect Telegram notifications” button.


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The following solutions are implemented on the platform to protect accounts:

  • Password hashing
  • API key encryption
  • No rights for withdrawal
  • Two-factor authentication from Google
  • Data storage on an isolated server
  • Access control for new devices and IP addresses

All API keys linking the service and cryptocurrency exchanges are stored on an external server and protected with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, adopted as the US government standard.

User funds remain on the exchanges. The service does not host them, and the creators have no way to withdraw them.

By default, the platform has account protection from access from unknown devices and new IP addresses, which helps prevent unauthorized access to the account even if your password is compromised. If such an event occurs, you’ll receive an email with a confirmation code.

For extra security, we also recommend you to activate two-factor authorization. You can do this in the “Settings” menu.

Also you can look at their alternative:


How do I pay for a subscription to the Capico trading platform?


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You can pay for your subscription through the following cryptocurrencies:

  • LTC (Litecoin),
  • BTC (Bitcoin),
  • USDT (TRC-20),
  • BUSD (BSC).

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