Selling formulas for Sites

Selling formulas for Sites might be very useful if you use them in a right way. There are several approaches that will help you to build your campaign or its parts.

All these formulas have one common thing: they offer a solution to hook the visitors and make the visitors do the action you need. If you’re trying to find out how to monetize a site in the most effective way, it would be a great idea to look through them.

Maybe you’ll find the one that perfectly suits your affiliate campaign.

Selling formulas for Sites: 4U approach

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This is one of popular Selling formulas for Sites, which gives you a way to create perfect headlines that will catch the visitors’ attention. As you can understand, it consists of four elements.

The first one is Usefulness. The idea is that you should consider your audience needs and show the benefits they’ll receive from the things you promote.

The second point is Urgency. It means you should stress that your offer is limited in time or quantity.

Then comes Uniqueness. There are many Selling formulas for Sites, which say you should present the products you promote as the ones people can’t get anywhere else and 4U is among them.

At last, 4U Approach states you have to be Ultra-specific. The goal here is to make the visitors feel you offer products specially for them.

PPPP formula

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The first step here is to form a positive attitude to the things you promote. It is called Picture.

The images you use and their descriptions are a powerful tool to catch the visitors’ interest, which is exactly the thing you expect from Selling formulas for Sites. Once they like what they see and have a beautiful picture in their minds, it’s time to move on.

The second step is to Promise your visitors that they’ll get exactly what they want. They should consider your product as the one, which will solve the problem they have.

Still, promises won’t persuade most people, so you have to Prove that your product is really valuable for them. Here you should use facts, logic and arguments. The fourth point is Push, which is actually your CTA.


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This is one of the most famous Selling formulas for Sites. It has for components that you should apply to your Affiliate Marketing campaign:

1. Letter “A” stands for Attention here. There are many ways to catch the visitors’ attention from provoking them and showing something extraordinary to playing with their senses. It’s up to you which one you’ll choose.

Still, don’t use too much pressure. It’s better for you when your visitors are relaxed, but not tense. If we talk about applying Selling formulas for Sites to the concrete components, this part is used for title, the intro paragraph and subtitles.

2. Interest is the second word of the abbreviation. It’s really important to show the visitors how valuable for them the product you promote is. You should persuade visitors using strong arguments. Choose the main points you want to stress and focus on them. And remember that too much writing is not the best approach in most cases.

3. The desire component is the thing you’ll meet in most Selling formulas for Sites. So it is in AIDA. It’s not a surprise, cause showing people how you can solve their problems is a key point of every marketing strategy. It’s crucial here to understand your audience needs in order to present your solution in a right way. You product from CPA Networks, Affiliate Programs or your own one should be like a bottle of fresh water in a desert for them.

4. The last step in this method is Action. In terms of your affiliate campaign it is CTA. Remember that your goal is to hook the visitors. But again, don’t use too much pressure.

Some Selling formulas for Sites have an extended version. If we talk about AIDA, it can be transformed into AIDMA by adding letter “M”. It means Motivation.

As you can understand, this extension might be very useful for your campaign. Visitors often leave just before the action stage, so right motivation guarantees they’ll click in the end.

ODC formula

This one is also very popular among marketers. It consists of three elements. Let’s look closer at them. Selling formulas for Sites often tell us to motivate visitors or to persuade them that our product is valuable for them. Here everything is a bit different.

According to the first step, which is called Offer here, you should already know who are your visitors and what they want. You just have to present them the product, which suits their needs.

To make them even more interested in it, just add a Deadline (quantity, time other limits). At last, use an appropriate CTA.

PmPHP formula

Selling formulas for Sites use various approaches to influence the visitors and achieve successful Site Monetization.

As for PmPHP formula, it concentrates on the problem and the ways to solve it. The first “P” stands for Pain. This is the problem that your visitors have.

Then comes “more Pain” part. The idea is to stress how much people suffer from it.

Then you give them Hope, telling there is a chance to change everything. At last, you offer your own solution, which is a product you promote, of course.



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