CPA Networks and Direct Sponsors

CPA Networks and Direct Sponsors are two opposite options you can choose in online Affiliate Marketing. It is a long-lasting dispute, which of them is better. Each opinion is based on some advantages that both sides have.

If we talk about CPA networks, they’ll provide you with high rates, tons of offers from reliable advertisers and the ability to receive your reward as one payment. In turn, working with direct sponsors allows you to get the payments faster, face less competition and offers higher lead cap.

The choice between CPA Networks and Direct Sponsors is not an easy thing. When both sides have many advantages, the decision depends on what really suits your campaign. Only you are able to select the right option.

Still, there is some info and a couple of useful tips, which will definitely help you with the issue. Now, let’s find out how good each choice can be. The first variant is to work with networks, which is the most common option for newbies.

CPA Networks and Direct Sponsors: why to choose networks?

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Networks and their Affiliate Programs have a wide range of advantages to offer every affiliate. If you’ll work with them, you’ll have the following privileges:

1. A big variety of marketing tools, which includes ads creatives, landing pages and other instruments. All they were made by experts, who know how to make the offer bring high earnings. The other thing you’ll get here is tech support, which is aimed to help you with all possible issues.

If you need the mentioned advantages, then the choice between CPA Networks and Direct Sponsors is obvious. Don’t be surprised to receive so many privileges. The more income you receive, the more networks earn.

2. You’ll have access to hundreds of offers from various sponsors. It gives you a perfect chance to find the once that are the best for your traffic. As you know, good-quality traffic plus right offers is equal to high conversion rate. And you’ll still get high rates here.

Actually, CPA Networks and Direct Sponsors often offer you similar payouts level. Networks deal with tons of traffic and hundreds of affiliates. It’s a common fact that big players have more weight when you have to negotiate with advertisers.

3. You get your payouts as a single payment. This fact will save you a lot of time, which you can use then for testing and improvement.

It’ll be fair to say that you can receive all the mentioned privileges only if you work with professional networks. Don’t waste your time on junk. In the competition between CPA Networks and Direct Sponsors, the first ones are better only if they’re able to provide you with exclusive offers and high level of flexibility.

Why to work with direct sponsors?

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Most affiliates want to deal directly with advertisers, without CPA networks and their Affiliate Programs. Let’s see why it can be a good choice for you:

1. If there are no intermediaries, then you don’t have to pay any fees. That’s probably the biggest advantage of direct relations with sponsors. CPA Networks and Direct Sponsors have a different approach to paying affiliates.

The first ones give you the ability to receive your earnings as single payment, but charge a fee for their services. At the same time, direct sponsors don’t charge any fees, but there will not be special order of receiving the payments.

2. You’ll be able to negotiate directly with sponsors, which promises higher rates and lead cap. Of course, you have to be experienced enough to make them pay more.

3. You’ll face less competition on the same offers.

Still, everything is not so easy as you’d want it to be. First, direct sponsors don’t work with newbies or affiliates with low traffic volumes in most cases. Second, you’ll have to work with several sponsors, if you want to use all your traffic effectively. It means you’ll also have to negotiate with each one separately.

If we sum up all the aforesaid, each method has both advantages and disadvantages. The best decision is to combine them. Such approach to Traffic Arbitrage allows you to receive the highest possible earnings. Send most of your traffic to CPA networks, but also serve a certain part to direct sponsors, who will offer the highest payouts.

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