How to make money on arabian traffic

How to make money on arabian traffic and what are the specifics of working in this marketing sphere? You should definitely figure it out, cause this group of GEOs might be extremely lucrative for affiliates.

The other thing to note here isthat Adcombo CPA Network is probably the best to work with, if we talk about this part of market. It’ll deliver a good many of useful tools, dozens of high-paying offers, many language localiztions and regular payouts.

affiliate program
affiliate program

Let’s now dive deeper into the topic to get to know how to make money on arabian traffic with Adcombo network. This sphere differs a lot from other ones, so it would be great for you to get some useful tips to omit the most common mistakes.

How to make money on arabian traffic: regional market specifics

affiliate program

Adcombo is one of affiliate programs that will allow you to make good money in such GEOs as Algeria, Morocco, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Lebanon, Oman and Jordan.

All these countries are from the same region, but have their own specifics. The best tip for you how to make money on arabian traffic is to take all the differences into consideration and use this knowledge in your campaign.

If we talk about such countries as Qatar, Oman and Iran, the only worthy things to promote here are financial offers and luxury goods. As you can guess, adult niche is completely forbidden in the mentioned GEOs.

As for regional specifics in general, the least amount of restrictions you’ll find in UAE. Moreover, you can show ads in both English and local language here. The key how to make money on arabian traffic is not to ignore the countries’ laws and traditions.

Working with Adcombo

affiliate program

You’ll find traffic arbitrage more than easy with this network. That’s because it’ll give you a lot of useful tools and pre-made models for receiving as much profit as it’s possible. All the pre-landings are build according to the regional specifics, so you won’t have to tune them on your own.

affiliate program

As for ad creatives, you can whether pick the ones that Adcombo offers or design your own ads. A good way how to make money on arabian traffic is to use a lot of statistics and facts. People don’t believe in beautiful pictures in this region. Pure numbers is what really maters here.

The third thing to know about the mentioned GEOs is that weight loss niche is more than popular in the region. It’ll be wise to use this fact in your favor.

What else do you have to know about Adcombo?

If we talk about traffic sources, the best choices are social networks like Facebook or Instagram and push notifications. For the ones who want to by traffic, it’ll be wise to work with such ad networks as:

The last important thing to mention about Adcombo is the payouts level. You can withdraw fund twice a week via PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum and Wire Transfer. The minimum sum is $50.

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