CPA Traffic

CPA Traffic in Affiliate marketing can be defined as the visitors who are directed to the appropriate offers. Affiliate Networks can use various models of cooperation for advertisers and webmasters. One of them is CPA. It presumes a certain payment for a target action as a reward. 

Actually, it can be divided into groups that are based on the traffic source. They’re the following:

1. Banner advertising.
2. Pop-up advertising.
3. Contextual advertising.
4. Contextual advertising for a brand.
5. Hypercontextual advertising.
6. Push banners.
7. Native Ads networks.
8. Traffic from social networks.
9. Adult traffic.
10. Incentive traffic.
11. CashBack.
12. Email traffic.
13. Doorway traffic.
14. ClickUnder.

Lets take a close look on them.

How different CPA traffic could be in Affiliate Marketing?

cpa traffic

If you want to work with any Network, it would be a great idea to learn more about each type of CPA Traffic in Affiliate marketing.

It will help you target right audience and choose the appropriate offers for them.

Banners, Pop-ups, Contextual and Hypercontextual ads

cpa traffic

Banner is probably the first thing we think of when talking about Online Marketing, and also one of the oldest ad types. It briefly highlights the product or service we are selling to the visitors in order to make them purchase it. Banners look like picture with a piece of info on it.

Pop-up traffic is another kind of CPA Traffic in Affiliate marketing. Pop-ups itself are windows with picture and text information that are shown to visitors in front of the main page they’ve loaded. If the visitors click, they’ll be directed to the destination page you’ve set.

Contextual ads are among the most effective ones, if we compare them with others. That’s because they match the type of the content of the site they’re placed. It’s a huge privilege always to show the visitors only the info they’re interested in.

If we talk about Contextual ads for a brand, it’s the same, but you also use the brand name. This simple fact can significantly boost your conversion rate. People always better purchase things when they know and trust the company that made them.

Talking about Hypercontextual advertising, it’s the method when you insert a special link into the text piece. Whenever the visitor’s cursor is above the appropriate phrase, an ad will be shown.

Push banners, Teasers, Native Ads, Social networks, Adult traffic

cpa traffic

One more CPA Traffic in Affiliate marketing type is Push banner traffic. This banner usually includes some animation and presumes the visitors’ interaction. Whenever the cursor is above the banner, it changes its shape, becoming the part of inner animation. It’s also crucial that the topic of the banner coincide with the products being promoted.

Native Ads or Teaser is an ad type that is formed by motivating pictures and phrases. They should hook the visitors and make them “click” in a search of full info about the product. It’s obvious that they should be made in a way to catch the visitors’ attention.

Social networks are among the most promising sources of CPA traffic. They’re almost unlimited source of possible conversions. With every-day growing audience and the direct contact with potential customers, social networks are among the most effective traffic sources.

Adult traffic comes from the appropriate websites. Not every Affiliate Network will work with it, but there are offers, which can give you incredibly high profits when working with adult sector.

Incentives, CashBack, Email and Doorway traffic, ClickUnder

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Incentive is a rather effective way to get CPA traffic. The idea here is that visitors are hooked by the special award you promise them for conversion. It can be anything from different coupons and bonuses to a certain sum of money.

CashBack is a kind of CPA Traffic in Affiliate marketing when the visitors, which converted and made a certain purchase, get some % of their money back. This reward is paid not by the advertiser, but by webmaster. Why does it make sense?

Cause this reward is smaller than the sum he receives for conversion. The idea is that you spend a certain amount of money to stimulate your visitors make a purchase. In the end you get more conversions and higher profits. Advertisers in turn sell more goods and services.

Email advertising is one of the best ways to reach high conversion rate if we talk about CPA Networks. It works in the following way: users receive letters on their email box. These letters contain some ad info about the product being promoted, possible discounts etc. Motivated by that, people make the final purchase or any other action needed.

One more traffic type in the CPA league is Doorway one. It presumes there is a special intermediary page between the visitor and the advertisers final page. Though, this intermediary page doesn’t contain full information about the product. If you want more, you have to “click”. To tell the truth, Doorway is definitely not the best kind of CPA Traffic in Affiliate marketing.

ClickUnder is also not a very promising traffic type. It’s cheap, but almost always brings little conversion. The idea here is that after visitors make a “click”, a special page will be opened. The problem is that it will happen in the background. You’d better not use that, unless you have a good smartlink.

CPA traffic and conversion rate

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There are two possible ways how CPA traffic can reach its final point: it can be directed right to the offer page or pass the landing page as an intermediate level before this. Lets compare them.

In the first case visitors are directed to the offer page just after the click. Now their decision is influenced only be the quality of the advertiser’s site. Some of the visitors will convert and you’ll get your reward as an affiliate for this. The ratio between the number of visitors who converted and the total amount of visitors is called conversion rate.

In the second case visitors will first be directed to the landing page. Its main purpose is to persuade them commit a final action. There are many ways to do that from review articles and blogs to coupons and bonuses. You create this page, so you are able to do everything you want here in order to get the highest possible profit. After the landing page, the visitors will be directed to the offer page (in case they’ve clicked on call to action element).

So, now the question is how effective landing pages could be. Well, if you work without them in Affiliate Programs, your conversion rate in most cases will reach few percents. On the other hand, using landing pages may increase the conversion rate to 10, 15 or even 20%. And that in turn means you can get 2, 3, 5, 10 times better profit or even more.

Of course, everything also depends on the offer type and conditions, but in most cases it’s way better to work with landing pages than without them. You just have to make these pages really motivating and useful for your visitors.

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