BitterStrawberry Affiliate Network

The best mobile affiliate CPA network BitterStrawberry gives you many ways to monetize your traffic from lead generation to PPS models. If you deal with something like mobile apps or pinsubmits, BitterStrawberry program is what you were always looking for.

BitterStrawberry Affiliate Network

It will give you a full pack of tools to create, optimize and monetize, which promises great profits for every affiliate. This Program also provides wide range of targeting options, including such parameters as GEOs, OS, device, operator, browser, connection type and time period. All this already resulted in an incredible statistics, which shows more than 900 million clicks processed and more than 4.6 million sales on mobile and desktop traffic.

BitterStrawberry Mobile Affiliate Network offers

Thousands of offers that operate on CPL, CPA, CPM and revenue share model – that’s what you’ll get from the best mobile affiliate CPA network BitterStrawberry. These offers form more than 250 markets, also, none of them are rebrokered. Moreover, almost a half of the offers is exclusive.

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When you’ll work with the system, you’ll see a grid-like structure, formed of special “cards”. These “cards” show a short list of characteristics the offer has. It could be country, RPM or category. Since there are so many offers, it might be difficult to find the appropriate one. Fortunately, there is a filtering system that uses such parameters as rating, country, OS, billing flow, type and category.

SmartLink – an intelligent optimization tool

The ratio 1 click = 1 conversion is impossible in real life, but there is a way to maximize the amount of visitors that reached the final point. The best mobile affiliate CPA network BitterStrawberry offers you a perfect tool for this, which is called “SmartLink”. Its main purpose is to optimize your traffic in order to get the highest possible profit.

What it does, is segmenting the traffic and matching it with the appropriate ads. The choice is based on users’ OS, device, connection type, time period, country etc. Moreover, there is a possibility to change SmartLink settings. You can do that using such tools as banner scripts, smart/split API or pops scripts.

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What is HybridLink

You always want to maximize your earnings from any Affiliate Program. There are many things you can do for that, but BitterStrawberry Mobile Affiliate Network offers you an ultimate way to reach this goal. The mechanism itself is called “HybridLink” and it gives you the power to control the traffic directing process. Unlike a single link, it will send the traffic to various offers of your choice dynamically.

If we talk about payouts, the best mobile affiliate CPA network BitterStrawberry can pay you on net-5 basis after reaching $100 point and also 4, 2 or 1 time a month.


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