Native Ads Advertising

Native Ads Advertising in Affiliate Marketing is the thing many webmasters are looking for. The one traffic broker that is able to offer you such a privilege to advertise is called Native Ads. It’s a good way to receive high profits for affiliates and a great site monetization option for publishers.

As you understand, the program allows you to work with so called widgets, which are the best choice for whitehat advertising. So, lets take a close look on Native Ads advertising Affiliate Program to understand what can it offer and why such a cooperation will be so profitable.

How Native Ads Advertising works in Affiliate Marketing

native ads

If we talk about native advertising, it is something that should promote goods and services to the visitors without being considered as promotion itself. That’s why native Network can make you great profits and that’s what Native Ads Advertising in Affiliate Marketing offers you.

native ads

You can say that it’s possible to play somehow with standard teasers to make them look as good as possible (like changing colors, animation, design). Still, they’ll never reach such a natural level, so that they won’t disturb the users, no matter what device they use. The ability to make people click without direct promoting is a huge privilege in the Affiliate Marketing sphere. That’s why Native Ads is considered as a perfect Adsense alternative.

Native advertising is probably not appropriate for adult sector, but it’s definitely the best for the following:

  • fitness;
  • beauty;
  • health;
  • real estate;
  • finance etc.

What tools are available

native ads

If you’re sure to work with native advertising, the next step is to create your campaign. Native Ads Advertising in Affiliate Marketing has various options to choose, but for traffic arbitrage you should select “product/offer selling/promotion”. Then you have to fill the special form.

After that you need to tune the campaign parameters. Set the appropriate targeting options (GEOs, devices, category). The next step is your budget (don’t forget that you work on Pay per Click basis). Here you also have an option to set the time period when your ads will be active. Whitelisting and blacklisting are available too.

Another great option is an automatic campaign optimization. For example, you can set a certain budget expense level. If the expenses are higher and there is no conversion, then the appropriate site will be blocked for the campaign. It’s all aimed to save your budget.

If we talk about advertisers, the minimal deposit for them is $100.

The payment systems available are PayPal, wire transfer and Credit Cards.


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