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ECommerce CPA Marketing is considered as something that gives you absolute freedom in the market. It grants you the privilege to set prices, choose products and advertise them on your own. This sphere is often treated as a real business, but in the Web.

So, here the thing you deal with is not just Arbitrage Traffic, you now control every single step from hooking the visitors to shipping the sold products. It seems that ECommerce CPA Marketing has huge amount of advantages, but is it really something that can give you freedom of choice in the Web?

E-commerce CPA Marketing is like a real business

ecommerce marketing

In most cases it is true, but do you need that? You should understand that except benefits you’ll get a lot of issues to solve. It’s not an easy thing to run your own business, cause you have to deal with taxes, storing goods, supply and shipping, finances, sometimes product returns and many others.

It requires a good experience in many spheres and the appropriate skills. If you have a decent starting budget, you’re ready to solve all the issues and to learn, that’s OK. Though, Affiliate Programs Offers will give you a chance to make money in much more easy way.

Affiliate marketing also has one more advantage – it’s flexible. Here you can test various offers, work directly with advertisers, split traffic etc. You can quit the game whenever you want without any tangible losses. E-commerce won’t give you anything from this. It’s really difficult to change the business that is running and if you want to quit, it will result in big losses and a lot of issues to solve.

You can sell what you want and get a stable income

ecommerce marketing

Yes, you definitely can try to sell whatever you consider will make a good profit. Still, it doesn’t mean this choice is the best. If take Cash on delivery (COD) as an example, you’ll deal with the products that were tested by the network.

It doesn’t always mean that they’ll be successful, but at least you know what to expect when you promote such goods. In case of Ecommerce CPA Marketing everything is completely different. Want to know if it will work? Then you have to do your own market research! And that means you’ll spend more time and money.

Even if you’ve reached success in your researches and the product sells well, it might not always be like that. The demand often depends on many factors, which can totally change the situation. Think of such examples: people buy a lot of ice-cream in summer but few in winter, AMD video cards are sold fast and pricey when Bitcoin grows and their price and sell volume declines when Bitcoin goes down etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of products that will give good income in one market condition and a very poor or no income in another. And that promises no stability at all.

Is it a real marketing freedom?

ecommerce marketing

If something gives you a choice, it’s not always a way to freedom. In case of E-commerce CPA Marketing you can decide what to do on your own but at the same time you’re obliged to solve tons of issues that you won’t meet when working with Affiliate CPA Network for example. You should control such things as prices, landing pages and their quality, traffic etc. Even if you use specialized platforms, no one will help you with angles.

It is way easier to work with some good network, which will provide you with good landing pages. Everything is tested here including prices, so you just have to do your job as an affiliate. You still have to be creative and do your best to make high profits, but you definitely don’t have to deal with all other stuff.

It’s also often said that selling real goods is a fair way to make money, cause you know and understand what you offer to your customers. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t be banned in various platforms. It can happen if you set prices 5, 10 or more times higher than a real product costs, for example.

Is it good for me?

ecommerce marketing

Well, if you want to work with Ecommerce CPA Marketing, you should understand how many things you’ll have to control. You also need a decent budget, experience and good products to sell. If you’re OK with this, it’s not a bad idea to try.

At the same time, it’s a myth that this will always lead to success and high profits. To tell the truth, there is no business that gives 100% success. Still, other affiliate marketing models are way easier and tested by many affiliates.

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