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Landing pages in CPA Marketing are as important for your affiliate campaigns as good offers or well-designed banners. They are the intermediate unit between your ads and the final conversion. Their main purpose is to catch the visitors’ attention in order to persuade them do a purchase, install an app, register on website with paid membership etc.

Sometimes landing pages are misinterpreted as the ones where you actually buy something, register or whatever. They’re only the instrument in Affiliate Programs which serves as an impetus for visitors to do the final action. And the main purpose is to highlight the thing being promoted in the best way possible. “How to do that?” is another question that requires a whole article.

So why is it crucial to have this intermediate level? Why not to link the visitors directly to the sales page after they click your banner? Well, in most cases it’s designed not in the best way to catch users’ interest. These pages require someone to sell their products and that’s what you can offer – good landing pages in CPA Marketing as perfect online sellers.

How different the landing pages can be in Affiliate marketing?

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If you want to get the maximum possible profit from your campaigns, it’s crucial to use landing pages in CPA Marketing. It’s the instrument for you to work with your visitors, which helps you to sell whatever you promote. Their structure and shape can be very different, from a short page to the segment of a big website.

It also can be a part of a blog, a very detailed review of some product, a topic-related article or a dozen of other variants. It’s up to you what option to choose. Mostly it depends on the thing you’re going to advertise.

There is one more criterion that defines which kind of page to pick. It’s the type of traffic you use. Here are two possible variants:

  1. It’s organic traffic. In this situation you’re free to choose what you want and consider the best. It’s your own website after all.
  1. You work with paid traffic. In this case there are two possible variants. The first is when you buy desktop traffic from the source like Facebook. Then you have to make full-size reviews, design landing pages in CPA Marketing as a part of the website etc. On the other hand, you can work with one of POP sources of traffic. Here you can use whatever pages you want, their quality is up to you.

Why they actually work?

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In all Affiliate Networks landing page is like a shop seller who has a number of goods he has to sell. So he tries to find the right approach to the customer in order to reach the final goal.

How does he do that? Well, the idea is to persuade the customer that the product is exactly the thing you need right now because it’s popular, fashionable, makes you look good, you’re cool with it or whatever. Of course, he will tell you about all the pros without any cons. And the product is produced by the trusted brand and will work for ages!

A good landing page in CPA Marketing does the same with your visitors. After seeing it, they should believe they need the thing you promote.

The problem is how to do that naturally. You won’t sell anything saying “it’s good, you should buy it”. So, it’s an important issue to choose the right form of your page (review, blog article etc), its design and content.

Tips how to make your landing page work best

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No matter what type of page you choose, there is a number of rules that are crucial for it to be effective.

First, there should be a strong headline and all the contents should explain the visitors that the product is the best and why it is so. Don’t be scarce on advantages.Especially in Content locking marketing.

The second important thing is CTA – the part of the page that directs your visitors to the final point (which is conversion for you). The appropriate button or link should be clearly visible even if the page is scrolled (you can add more buttons or links).

Good images is another important element of the puzzle. They all have to be high quality and highlight the most important details. It often happens that people click on CTA button because they liked the images even without reading the content, no matter how good it is.

Is it always compulsory to use landing pages?

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Well, there are some areas where you often don’t need that, like App install for Android or carrier billing, but in most cases good landing pages in CPA Marketing dramatically increase your conversion rate. Even the mentioned to exceptions may work better with them in case the page is made in the right way.

When you come to real practice, the best option is to try both variants. Use split-testing to see which one works. Also, try different pages to find the best one. It is a great way to improve your conversion in the end. Landing page is a great tool for marketer in Affiiate Marketing, you should just understand how to work with it.

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