Domain names in Affiliate Marketing

Domain names in Affiliate Marketing might be very important for certain goals. It’s not always a crucial thing to care about this, but if you want to build a strong basis for online money making and create a recognizable brand, then you should definitely spend some time on finding the appropriate option.

Domain names are among keystones of the internet, so they are important even for affiliate programs campaigns, which deal only with buying and selling traffic.

Let’s find out when domain names in Affiliate Marketing are really important and how to choose domain name that suits you best. Here are some useful tips that will help you with the issue.

Domain names in Affiliate Marketing: building your online brand

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The ones who want to set up their online business on the Web will definitely have to care about the name they are choosing.

You’ll need good amounts of organic traffic to earn money in this market sphere and an appropriate domain name (just look at tne names of CPA Networks) might play a substantial role in the whole process. In case you want to launch a website or to sell some product online, domain names in Affiliate Marketing will be your keys to creating a brand from this.

Why it is so important? Well, internet users like brands. They trust them, and they are more willing to buy from brands. Also, brand websites will definitely get a lot of organic traffic and a good amount of regular users. All that will help you earn more money with your online business.

There is one more thing here, which does matter. It’s crucial to transform your domain names in Affiliate Marketing into brands cause it’ll dramatically improve your search engine ranking.

Google algorithms have their own criteria for evaluating websites and the ones that are brands will always meet these criteria. So, if your site is an authority in the niche, you can expect it to be in the top of SERP.

If we talk about keywords in such names, they’re not important for search engine. At the same time, the right ones can help you get users’ trust, which is even more important reason to care about domain names in Affiliate Marketing.

So, you’d better spend some time on finding the best option that will be able to engage the visitors.

How important are domain names for affiliate campaigns with paid traffic?

Do you have to care about how to choose domain name, in case you’re just buying and selling traffic, but not trying to build any brand? That’s a bit tricky question, cause it really depends on many things.

In general, they are way less important than for site owners and product sellers. There are two types of domain names in Affiliate Marketing that marketers usually use.

Tracking domain

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It’s really useful to have such one for your affiliate campaign, but its name doesn’t matter at all. Why it is so? This domain is used with your tracking solution and it is always a part of your campaign link.

It serves like an intermediate level between the user’s click on you ad and the destination page. Such domain is used by tracking solution to collect info about your visitors.

But do you really have to care about this kind of domain names in Affiliate Marketing? Actually, you don’t have to. The redirect is so fast that the users aren’t able to see the mentioned intermediate level. They just go to the final page with an unnoticeable delay.

So, here is the answer. The actual name doesn’t matter at all. It can be literally anything. Still, you’d better stay away from words and phrases, which might be considered as nasty and inappropriate.

You don’t want your page to be blocked by browser filters, don’t you? The last tip about domain names in Affiliate Marketing here is not to choose the default names, offered by tracking solutions.

How to choose a domain for landing page?

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It is unimportant what name you’ll choose for your tracking domain, but everything is different if we talk about landing pages in traffic arbitrage. There is no general rule here, at the same time, there are some useful tips you’d better take into consideration.

First, it would be very wise to use the name of the country, if you’re targeting local users. Such approach to creating domain names in Affiliate Marketing will give you more trust and respect from them. That’s because a simple word makes them think you’ll offer something specially for the mentioned county citizens.

The second tip is to pay more attention to domains in some specific niches. It’s true for financial sector, health & beauty and adult sphere. It’s highly recommended to find the words and word combinations, which are relevant to the niche you work with.

Other tips about landing pages’ domains

Domain names in Affiliate Marketing are way more important for desktop sphere than for mobile. It happens because users usually don’t see the whole URL on their mobile devices. Hence, they mostly just don’t care about it.

At the same time, a good name is a crucial thing when you’re promoting products with high price. People are willing to pay a lot of money only for valuable products that are sold by trusted vendors. An appropriate domain name is an important authority factor here. So, make sure to choose a suitable one.

There is one more thing about domain names in Affiliate Marketing you should definitely know. Don’t use words that might have a bad influence on your reputation. It’s all about things like “fool”, “fraud”, “scam” etc. This way you might lose a lot of visitors, so you’d better don’t do this.

Do I have to use domains as an affiliate?

There is one way you can avoid the problem with domains for hosting your landing pages. Just use some quality Content Delivery Network for this purpose.

By doing this you won’t have to look for the best domain names in Affiliate Marketing at all. Moreover, your pages will load fast due to the CDN’s powerful servers.

The chosen Content Delivery Network will generate a link for your campaign. It looks like a long row of symbols, but the last part after “DIR/” section can be modified.

So, you can change it according to your needs. If we talk about affiliate campaigns, CDNs are OK for mobile, but you’d better still use domains for desktop sphere.

The usage of domains and submissive… subdomains

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You don’t have to buy domains and create domain names in Affiliate Marketing for the new country, niche like dating affiliate programs or even vertical. Sub-directories and sub-domains are OK for this purpose. All you need is just to compose them in a right way.

Talking about sub-domains, they are good for affiliate campaigns. At the same time, you’d better use sub-directories instead, in case you’re creating your own website and trying to build a strong brand.

Sub-domains are appropriate only for rather big and relatively independent sectors on the domain.


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Domain names in Affiliate Marketing might be really important. It all depends on what your online business is about. If you’re a site owner or trying to transform your product into brand, then it really does matter.

At the same time, affiliates who work with paid traffic shouldn’t care much about this. They just have to follow a couple of simple rules and nothing else.

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