Gambling affiliate marketing

Gambling affiliate marketing is the sphere where you can earn good money on promoting online casinos, slots, roulette, betting etc. It’s definitely very lucrative, but also it has its own inner rules, which are quite different from the ones in other niches.

The conversion process is mostly based on pay per action principle here. You deliver potential customers and then get your money, in case they’ve signed up for paid membership. Moreover, it often happens that you’ll receive money every time customers top up their balance.

Gambling affiliate marketing has a different potential in different GEOs. Western Europe is considered as the best one to work with, cause it’ll deliver a lot of customers with decent purchasing power.

At the same time the US is not the best choice because of too strict rules in this GEO, which makes it almost impossible for gambling business to be legal.

So, let’s focus on the most promising markets and dive deep into the moneymaking with gambling affiliate marketing and CPA Networks. The best thing to start is a short market research that will help you understand how it all works.

Gambling affiliate marketing: quick market overview

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If you search for “online casinos” on the Web, the result page will show you dozens of options. Still, most of them have almost the same games, bonuses and gambling rules.

Moreover, some casinos are held by one operator. The only difference between them lays in the minor advantages for payers, which sometimes does matter, to tell the truth.

In the sphere of gambling affiliate marketing there are also a couple of big brands, which are able to offer some unique conditions for players and a bigger variety of products. At the same time, all the big and small casinos mostly work with software from two brands: Microgaming and Playtech.

There are also other software brands, but it’s a bit risky venture to promote casinos that work with them. Players like Playtech and Microgaming products and will definitely register to play, as for other companies’ games, you can’t be sure about this.

Before launching gambling affiliate marketing campaigns, consider all the mentioned info to make the right choice.

What to promote?

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As there are dozens of online casinos on the Web, it might be difficult to make a choice. So, the best idea is to find out what really works and then select the right option.

The first way is to look through casinos guides. They barely deliver any truthful info, but that’s not what you should look for. Pay attention to the brands they promote. They’ll never advertise gambling affiliate marketing offers from affiliate programs that doesn’t convert.

The second way to get to know the best casinos to work with is to look at the organic search results. Choose a handful of appropriate keywords and note what sites will be in the top 5 of SERP. In 99% of cases it will show the same brands for each keyword.

It’s obvious that such “big fishes” are very popular and attract a lot of visitors, so it’ll be wise to promote them, even if some small advertisers offer you better conditions. You’ll barely make money in gambling affiliate marketing with unknown brands, which don’t have users’ trust.

How to get the highest possible profit?

A lot of casinos offer not only ordinary slots to their users, but also plenty of other platforms, including betting, lotto, roulette, board games etc. The customers are able to move their funds from one area to another.

It all opens great possibilities for cross-sales, which are able to deliver a good amount of money in gambling affiliate marketing. Also, be in touch with the representatives of brands to make sure all the cross sing-ups are being tracked. It will help you to be paid even if the casino website’s brand is different from the one that lotto, roulette or betting has.

The other thing to consider is mobile optimization. Most of online games are ready to work on mobile devices and a lot of traffic comes to casinos this way. If you’ll work with brands that have optimized their sites for smartphones and tablets, there will be far more ways to earn with gambling affiliate marketing.

Try to engage as many visitors as possible

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If you work with gambling affiliate programs on paid traffic arbitrage, you definitely want to get the highest possible payouts. At the same time, not all the users are ready to become paid customers right away, which is a big obstacle on your way to the mentioned goal.

However, there is a good tip to fix it. You can promote offers that promise some free bonus to visitors (spins, money on deposit, etc). It shouldn’t be the main point of your gambling affiliate marketing campaign. At the same time, such approach will help you to engage more visitors and not to lose money.

The casinos’ bonus rules are made in a such way that it’s almost impossible to withdraw free money. However, this funds will definitely be used for online games and the wins will stimulate players to top up their balance using real money. So, they’ll become paid members and you’ll get your money from gambling affiliate programs you work with.

I recommend you to start with the following affiliate programs:

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