Paid traffic arbitrage

Paid traffic arbitrage is online money making model that may deliver really high profit to marketers. It works in a very simple way. First you buy traffic on the web, and then you sell it to networks or directly to advertisers.

This model is similar to the one you can find in financial and product markets where investors do buying and selling at the same time and earn money on price difference. The whole process is called arbitrage.

Now let’s focus on paid traffic arbitrage in affiliate marketing. The whole scheme works here in the same way. You find a good trustworthy source of traffic. Then you buy some. This traffic should be directed to affiliate network or advertiser who’ll pay you for it.

It’s crucial to choose networks with affiliate programs that are able to deliver decent earnings. Your income is the difference between buying and selling price. It is the main principal of paid traffic arbitrage. Looks very simple but there are some more things you should definitely know before you start making money online.

How to choose traffic sources for Paid traffic arbitrage?

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There is a great many of places you can purchase traffic for your campaigns. However, not all of them are able to give you what you really need. If we take websites where you can get a lot of cheap viewers, it often happens that bots will be 20% and even more there.

It’s not something you want to have for paid traffic arbitrage, in case you’re actually going to make money here. You should understand that poor quality not only has a harmful effect on your income, it can also lead to ban from your network.

Do you really think it’s possible to earn on affiliate programs with such low-quality stuff? Actually, traffic brokers do filter traffic and they won’t pay for poor one.

The other source you can use is individual sellers. These are websites that have a certain amount of their own organic viewers. Though, they’re not always better for paid traffic arbitrage. These sites also may have high bot level and low quality of traffic.

The third option for online marketer is to work with such legitimate sources as Google search, Facebook, Twitter etc. This will guarantee you real viewers. At the same time the price will be higher here and you’ll require precise targeting to get exactly what you want.

The last variant you can choose is not to buy viewers at all. It’s not about paid traffic arbitrage, but this will definitely deliver a lot of benefits to your campaign. You’ll have a good amount of visitors who are interested in the things you promote and are willing to convert.

At the same time, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and substantial amount of money on building websites and testing. This road isn’t the easiest in affiliate marketing, but the reward is more than decent.

How to earn more money on paid traffic?

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Now you know that paid traffic arbitrage requires a good source, which is able to deliver quality viewers. But is it possible to get more money when you’re already receiving hundreds or thousands dollars from your campaign? The answer is “Yes”. Actually, there are three main ways to do that:

1. Try to find the sources, which is cheaper but has the same quality or offers something better. It’s not the easy thing to do, but still possible.

2. The second way to earn more on paid traffic arbitrage is to work with traffic brokers, which are willing to offer you bigger CPM reward. Again, it requires certain efforts to find one.

3. The last option is to increase volumes. It’s good when the other two are no longer possible to implement and the only way to earn more is to buy more.

What are the possible issues you can meet on your way in paid traffic arbitrage?

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We always want to hr profits and a lot of money, but it’s not always possible to expand your paid traffic arbitrage affiliate campaign further. There are several limits you’ll meet in this marketing sphere.

First, visitors are not endless. Every source has its limits, so it wouldn’t be able to deliver higher volumes no matter how much you’re willing to pay. You can try to find more sources, however, there is no guarantee traffic they sell is a quality one.

The second limit you’ll meet is CPM cost. Networks pay you money for the viewers you deliver, but this sum isn’t unlimited in paid traffic arbitrage. The statistics says $3 CPM is the ceiling for 99% of networks.

The third issue is probably the most fundamental. If you only buy viewers and don’t build your site to receive organic traffic, then you risk losing everything when the purchasing process stops. You don’t buy anything, so there is nothing to sell. It all will lead to the end of your online business. So, it’ll be wise not only to care about paid traffic arbitrage, but also to start working with organic users.

How to avoid losing money in paid traffic arbitrage?

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There are certain things you should know about working with networks. First, they filter all the traffic you deliver. It means they’ll easily detect the that comes from bots and won’t pay for it. But you did pay for it, and it’ll result in money losses. It all leads to one conclusion: choosing quality sources is a crucial thing in paid traffic arbitrage for beginners.

The second thing, which leads to money losses poor-quality cheap viewers. They’re not bots, but they also barely have any value for networks. So, your reward for them will be very low. It’s obvious that no one wants to pay money for nothing.

The last and probably the worst issue you may meet is to be banned by network. It means you’ll have to find other place where to deliver your visitors, which is not the easiest thing to do in paid traffic arbitrage.

Moreover, your business is frozen while you’re doing it. Hence, you don’t earn anything and even lose money if you have certain expenditures.

Tips how to reach success in this market sphere

The first thing to remember here is that sources do matter. You’d better pay a bit more money, but receive quality traffic. There are many places you can get one. Facebook, Google, Twitter and many other sources are ready to deliver exactly what you want.

Paid traffic arbitrage won’t be very effective without good website. It should have engaging content that is able to capture the visitors’ interest. This way you’ll be able to get way more conversions. This will also mean receiving higher profits for every marketer.

The third tip is to try gathering some amount of organic visitors, who came to your site for a reason. You can use email advertising, social networks, personal blogs and many other tools to reach that. It’s not about paid traffic arbitrage, but it’ll definitely be wise at least to mix organic and paid traffic to get higher quality in the output.

This will also create a strong basis for further development and give you a lot of new possibilities in this marketing sphere.

A short conclusion

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Traffic arbitrage is not the sphere where you can make money without efforts. At the same time, there are a lot of opportunities for marketers here. It seems everything you do is just buying and selling viewers, but that’s definitely only one side of paid traffic arbitrage.

There are ton’s of issues to care about. You have to do a good amount of work including affiliate campaign building and optimization. You should keep your ROI high to be able to receive high profit. At last, it’s crucial to find trustworthy networks and traffic sources.

As you can see, there is a decent amount of work to do. Still, it’s more than possible to be successful here. You just need to apply some efforts, try to be creative and simply do your best.

That’s the formula, which will help you make a lot of money on paid traffic arbitrage. Be stick to it and you’ll always be successful in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Here is the list of actual traafic brokers you can earn with:

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