How to earn money on Instagram


How to earn money on Instagram on dating? There is a number of steps you should follow as a webmaster to reach that and not be banned. You can make a really good profit on traffic arbitrage here. Still, you should do everything right not to be banned even before you set mass following.


It’s barely possible to deal with product affiliate programs for IG moneymaking now, even though it’s far more profitable. So, dating vertical is the only promising sphere left. It works when you use the scheme that includes autoresponder. Lets take a close look on it.


Tips how to earn money on Instagram on dating offers

There are two ways you can choose here. The first is to use KIK Messenger. The second is to work with WhatsApp. If we talk about autoresponders, you can find a free one in the web for WhatsApp (in Google Play for example).


In turn, it will cost about $25 to get KIK Messenger autoresponder bot on UpWork.




So, how to earn money on Instagram on dating using all these tools? Follow the next list:


  1. Set an account in WhatsApp or KIK Messenger instead of the link in profile.


  1. Get a dating smartlink.


  1. Use the previously prepared text and link in the autoresponder settings.



The scheme of IG moneymaking works in the following way: the Instagram visitor is directed to one of the messengers. Then a bot program generates a link, which will direct him to the destination page. With Pay per lead approach and 230 GEOs available, it’s a potential source of high income and the perfect way how to earn money on Instagram on dating.


Also don’t forget to choose a tempting profile photo to maximize the clicks and the conversion rate. The other thing that could be advised is to try PAYSALE, which offers a perfect GEO and profit ratio.



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