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The Best Native Ads Network to make money: ADNOW works with so called widgets to monetize the incoming traffic. If we talk about affiliate programs that work on such basis, it is definitely the one that should be mentioned. These Native Advertising programs look like a natural part of the site, but not like advertising elements.


This is a real Adsense Alternative, which will offer you various widgets and Pay per click reward system. It’s a kind of whitehat advertising, so you don’t have to worry about being banned by Google by any reasons, which can happen when working with almost any non-native Affiliate Network.


How to work with ADNOW and Native Ads

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ADNOW affiliate program offers you a good amount of useful tools and a high level of technical support. Except English, there are also other available localizations that will make it comfortable to work with the program for all the affiliates.

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To make money with the Best Native Ads Network ADNOW you have to accomplish the following steps:


  1. Add your website to the system by filling the appropriate forms. You can cooperate even if your site has less than 1000 unique visitors.

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  1. After your site is checked, you can tune Native Ads which work on Pay per click basis.


  1. You’ve chosen the appropriate widgets so now it’s time to make them suitable for your site. First, choose the right colors so that they match your website design. Then you should set the ads’ size, which will suit you best.

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  1. Get the appropriate codes from ADNOW and start to make profits with your Native Ads.


What else can ADNOW offer?


There is a WordPress plugin for Native Ads Advertising in ADNOW, so you’re really lucky if your website is built on WordPress basis. To activate it after installation you should choose the appropriate token in the system. After that just save the settings.

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The Best Native Ads Network to make money ADNOW also offers you Anti Adblock plugin, which will help you to get conversions even if the blocking tool is activated on website.


If we talk about payment terms, they’re the following:


Paypal, Webmoney, ePayments – $20 min.


Wire transfer – $200 min.


You’ll be able to receive the payments once a week.


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